if you have any questions about any of these games then free to contact@ https://www.youtube.com/user/pur3vil

21th/ Sept/ 2015:  All the broken download links should have been fixed now.

PUREVIL: A freeware synthesizer/ VST

Works with any DAW like Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio, or Cubase. Create unique sounds with its waveshaper and the nifty bit crusher.
The possibilities of different sounds you can create with this thing are endless

Sonic Black: Quest for the Four Black Emeralds

Click to download

Click Here To Play Sonic Online

Sonic Black: Quest for the Four Black Emeralds (to give it its full title) is a frenetic, side scrolling action adventure game based off the
original Sega MegaDrive "Sonic The Hedgehog"
 games. It features 4 levels, good graphics, fast action, and more. This is a fun, retro game where you control Sonic as he collects rings,
jumps on baddies, and zooms arou
ace trying to get the emerald (there is one at the end of each level).
It retains the look 'n feel of the original, including the same tinkling sound as you grab a ring.
 A great concept that only seems to get better as the years pass.
Go grab a ring and play Sonic online today.


 Arrow keys on keyboard to control Sonic, and the shift key to jump.

Toki 2: Phrozen Wish

Click to download v3

The downloadable version runs much better than the online version.

Toki 2 is a fan made sequel to the Amiga classic in an old school style platform/shoot em up with 5 Full Stages. Unlike before you have now got the power to freeze
 your foes with your deadly spit. Cute arcade fulled by magic creatures will not let you go away from the pc. You can expect
sympathetic jack napes that travel from one place to another and he have to face many dangers. Help him to get over all obstacles and lead him
 safely to the finish. You'll be rewarded by nice graphics, some strain and quiet, merry music :-).


Arrow Keys on keyboard to control. Hold down the up arrow to hook onto Ladders and Vines.
Shift key to Jump. (works while swimming too)
Press the Z key  to fire left and the X key to fire right.  (watch out for your freeze power gauge at top, if it gets too low, you cannot fire for a few seconds)

Sonic Breakout!!
Click to download

Click Here To Play Breakout Online

Remake of the classic Atari breakout arcade game in a free arcade game remake which the ball replaced with Sonic. Re-live the old school classic with updated
gameplay and Sonic related gimmicks. This is a true video game arcade classic.
Each stage has a different gimmick to hinder you for finishing the game - them being: moving platforms, springs that bounce you around the same,
 or the deadly Robotnik himself? Just never give up and you should prevail through all 6 stages.


Left and right arrows on the keyboard

Super Mario Acid Demo 
Click to download

A classic online java game of the most famous video game character ever created. Mario was made famous from the classic side scrolled on the NES
and is arguably the most famous video game character ever created.
You know the drill: jump on Goombas while kicking and dodging turtle shells and collecting coins as you go along. This classic style
 of game has only gets better with age.  There is no power-ups in this game, but seriously, they're not needed.  All the game needs is the core Mario
 mechanics to make it an excellent experience to play.  Keep in mind that is just a demo to show what the game could be like in the future.

Arrow Keys on keyboard to control Mario, and the shift key to jump

Shadow The Hedgehog: BloodLust
Click to download

A fun coffee break sized arcade game.
Classic style Sonic like platform game where you must collect all the rings to advance onto the next stage.
You might be able to play this game on a mobile phone, that is if your phone allows java/.jar files to be played.
Not up-to-date with the new phone technology, so i am not sure if it will work or not, have a try :D

Do you recognise the famous themes tunes within this game? Give yourself a pat on the pat for each one you recognise!


Arrow Keys on keyboard to control Shadow, and the shift key to jump.

Shadow The Hedgehog: BloodLust 2

Click to play on Newgrounds

Check out the brand new game! This is the first game that I've made in "Flash " format.

This game is the sequel to a Java game that I made about a year ago.I'm quite new to flash, so this game might seem a bit basic.
I'll be making more advanced games in the future.


The arrow keys on the keyboard and the "Shift Key" to jump.

To play this game, you must collect all the rings that you see on the screen. After you collect all the rings, you'll be automatically switched to the next level.
 If you beat all the levels, you get to fight Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) at the end - enjoy!

I'm willing to update this game and add more levels; characters to play as, and more bosses


Pink Reign

Click to download

This is an anime style shmup/ shoot 'em up game.
I am a huge fan of bullet hell games and tried to replicate one here. It isn't the best game ever made, but I am proud of what I achieved with it.

It cannot be played online and you have to download it, sadly.
I don't know if it has been said before, but bullet hell/shmup games are my all time favourite genre of games.


Up and Down arrows on the keyboard, and the Space Bar to fire.

Angry Birds: Sonic Edition

Another game made in Flash!

What's the best thing about Facebook? Well, not much, but you do have the chance to play Angry Birds for free.
This is an unique version of the Angry Birds with a Sonic theme.   Start by pulling back the slingshot with your mouse; moving it up or
 down will determine how high or low the Sonic flies. The further back you pull the slingshot is how far or short the Sonic flies. Through practice,
you'll become more skilled at aiming both at the right angle and at the right spot where the badniks are.


Use your mouse and the left button of the mouse to fire


Metal Sonic: Training Ground

Metal Sonic must train before he takes on Sonic again.

Metal Sonic can now double jump and cling to walls!
  Jump and bounce around 5 levels to help Metal Sonic become the ultimate robot!  Can you help him master his new abilities?  Put your gaming skills to the test. 
Using some of Metal Sonic's abilities may take some time to master - hence why this is a training ground game.
This game has all the core features to make a great game.  You will need to plan when you jump and to successful beat this game, this is not the game where
 you can play without thinking.

 Playing Metal Sonic in Sonic 4 made me want to create this game. We really need more games with Metal Sonic in them!


The arrow keys on the keyboard.
To double jump, press the up arrow twice.

Final Fantasy 7 - Mega Battle

 Click to download Final Fantasy 7 - Mega Battle

A little fighting game I made with M.U.G.E.N.
I tried to keep this game's file size as small as possible. The game should only be 24MBs in size.

Play as your favourite Final Fantasy 7 characters: Sephiroth, Cloud, Aerith and Tifa! This fighting game has beautiful anime style sprites and backgrounds.
If you would like another M.U.G.E.N style game, let me know what characters you would like it and what theme you would like the game to be.  I have quite a lot of characters
to play around with.


You can set your controls via the option menu.
Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate the menus, and use the ENTER key to select

Vector Goes Solo

Click to play Vector Online!

Easily the best graphical game I've made.
Not only are the graphics great - it is also immensely fast! This game is as fast as the original Sonic games from the 16 bit era.
Vector is usually part of the Chaotix team, but now, he goes solo! Has Vector got what it takes to achieve success on his own? Only time will tell.
Help Vector collect all the rings within each stage to move onto the next stage.


The arrow keys on the keyboard.
And the Z key to jump
To double jump, press the Z key twice.

Click to download!

Warning! There is quite a lot of blood and gore in this game, so only download this game if you're at least 18 in age!

This is a remake of the first game that I ever created.  The original game had a top down view, where as this game has a first person view.
Did I name this game after my online alias? Nope, this game actually game came first.
So, Technically, I named myself after the game.
In this game, you must escape the Asylum! Find weapons and shoot your way to freedom!
This controls should feel very familiar to those that are used to playing FPS games on the P.C.


Use your mouse to look around around.
Left mouse button to shoot.
Use the  W,A,S,D keys to walk.
R key to reload.
Space Bar to jump.
The 1,2,3,4,5 keys to change your weapons.

Sonic Black - Rage Quit Edition
Click to Download!

This is very similar to original Sonic Black game - just immensely more difficult!
You've played Syobon Action; I Wanna Be The Guy; Unfair Mario and other insanely difficult games.
Now, I present to you: the hardest Sonic Game ever created!

Thankfully, this game as a password system - however, a worthy challenge comes from beating all the levels consecutively.  Have you got the gaming skills to beat this game,
or will you rage and quit?

This wasn't made difficult intentionally. When creating the levels, they didn't seem that hard, but after playing the game a few years after
 I created it, I realised how insane some of the levels were.  Regardless, the game should be still fun to play.  If you find any glitches, feel free
to abuse them as much as you can.  If anyone is struggling with the game, I may write a list of all the passwords for each level.


Arrow Keys on keyboard to control Sonic, and the up key to jump.

To type in a password, press "F8" on the keyboard, then just type it in.

Black Mist
Click to play online
Download to your PC

A full-fledged horror/action game that you can play straight from your web browser! It's quite amazing that a 3D game can run off
of your web browser!This game was made with Unity 3D, which is the same program that is being used to create Adventure Quest 3D; a game that I am highly
 looking forward to. You must search the forest and
retrieve the ancient skull. What mysteries lurk within this forest? Can you keep
your sanity and successfully retrieve the skull?

Use your mouse to look around around.
Use the  W,A,S,D keys to walk, or the arrow keys
Left mouse button to select and pick up items.

When starting the game, you may have to click on "start game" icon a few times to get the game to begin.  I have no idea what is up with it.

Slender Man - Downpour

        Download to your PC

This game is 100% free to download and play.

Your plane loses control and crashes in the middle of some woods.
It is nighttime and you have no idea where you are. You search your pockets and the only thing you find is a flashlight.
You notice a few papers scattered around the woods and decide to investigate.
Maybe these papers will have clues to help you escape?
Before your sanity is totally depleted, you must find all the papers.
If you see something that is uneasy on the eyes - whatever you do - don't stare at it!
You don't want to lose your sanity and be at the mercy of the creature of the night.
This is a traditional style Slender Man game in a new location.
The fog and rain adds to the tension and suspense of the game
Use your mouse to look around.
Use the  W,A,S,D keys to walk, or the arrow keys
Left mouse button to select and pick up items.
Hold any of the Shift keys to run.
Press the "F" key to turn your flashlight on or off.
Press the Spacebar to jump

The game has a new extra download link where you can download the game from:

  Slender Man - The Online Edition

Click here to play Slender Man online

You can now play Slender Man on your web-browser, without downloading anything!
Keep in mind that this version runs nowhere near as good as the downloadable PC version. The flashlight looks weird and there's a little bit of texture tearing.
Click here to play Slender Man online

Use your mouse to look around.
Use the  W,A,S,D keys to walk, or the arrow keys
Left mouse button to select and pick up items.
Hold any of the Shift keys to run.
Press the "F" key to turn your flashlight on or off.
Press the Spacebar to jump


Here are a few links to playthroughs of these two Slender Man games:



The Bunny Game

Someone asked me to make a "nicer" game because my last few entries were mostly horror related games.  So here's something totally different! 
This game was made primary for female gamers, but others can enjoy it as well.
You control a little pink rabbit; the objective of the game is to help the rabbit collect the blue crystal. The rabbit and the crystal are both
 extremely vulnerable and touching fire or an enemy will destroy you instantly!  What makes this game unique and different from any other game?
 The crystal mirrors all your movements, so you have to keep your eyes on two images at once.  Example: If you move up, then the crystal moves in that same
 direction.  It is a good idea to trap the crystal against a plant or against the sides of the screen. The best tactic is to trap the crystal in the corner of the screen.

Have fun! There's a total of 10 levels to complete.


Click the left mouse button on the title screen to start the game

The arrow keys on the keyboard are used to control the rabbit and crystal.

 Black Line of Death

Click to download

This is a very simple, but additive game
A game very similar to the Snake game that you used to get on the Dreamcast's VMU memory card.  Unlike the traditional Snake game where you
 need to collect apples - in this game, you do not need to collect anything!  The line you control continuously grows in size and the main the objective
of the game is to survive until the timer runs out. Sound easy? Give it a try!

There are many obstacles and make each level different form the last
I made the graphics green and black to "slightly" replicate the old mobile/ cell phone screen from the 90s.


Click the left mouse button on the title screen to start the game

The arrow keys on the keyboard are used to control the line.

Spiderman Parkour

This is a classic style endless running game. Jump from building to building, while dodging the birds that fly in your direction.

 The aim of the game is to get the highest possible score. My highest score is 30,000 on this game so far - can you do any better? Put your skills to the
 test and give the game an attempt! Fans of the Spiderman movies and games will love this game!


Tap the Space bar to do tiny jumps

Hold down the Space bar to jump high

Dark Magician
Click to play online

Click to download

A brand new game that you can play online. The online version plays as good as the downloadable version of the game.

This is a hybrid of two games: Space Invaders and a Bullet Hell game!
Can you fight off the evil insects? Battle through 15 waves of enemies, collecting power-ups as you go along.


The arrow keys on the keyboard to move.
Press the Space bar or the left mouse button to shoot

 Sword Art Online - Puzzle
Click to play online

Click to download

A puzzle game based off of the very popular Anime that is beloved by millions. This is a fantastic game for puzzle fans to play!

You can choose from three different pictures. After selecting a picture, you can also select the difficulty. Each difficulty has more/less pieces to the puzzle,
depending on which difficulty you choose.

That goal is the make the complete picture, in the fastest time possible.
You are timed on the amount of time you take, and the amount of turns you have took.


Use the mouse to drag the pieces to the correct destination    

Persona 4 - Pinball

A pinball game off the epic Role-playing game. A classic pinball game with all your favourite characters. This game has great physics, relaxing music and
 cute sounds effects. You have 3 balls to gain the highest score possible.  Each bumper gives you a different amount of health, so plan where you aim the balls.
 There are two sets of targets to hit - once you hit all four in a set, you'll gain a huge score bonus


Left and right buttons on the mouse we use the flipper


Manic Shark

Click to play Manic Shark Online!

This is a cute little Flappy Birds type game that you can play straight on your web browser.

Gain medal based on your performance:

Between 1 and 30 with get you a bronze medal
Between 31 and 60 will get you a silver medal
61+ will give you a gold medal.

The hit box isn't the whole shark, but rather just his head.
The part of the shark's head behind the yellow square is where you should avoid touching the black pillars with.
The shark isn't vulnerable in any other area.


You just need to click the left mouse button

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