Influenza or most commonly know as "the flu" or "grippe" is cause by a virus that infects the upper respiratory tract. There are two types of influenza, type A and B, Flu infect the throat, nose, lungs bronchial tubes, and middle ear. There are vaccines for the flu but since there are so many viruses that can cause flu (about 200) however they are constantly mutating, making it very difficult to achieve success against these types of flu viruses.

The symptoms for flu are similar to those of a common cold, such as body aches, cough, hot and cold sweat, fatigue, headaches, fever, nausea, vomiting, throat pain, lack of appetite. Colds last for a week, but the flu can last for up to 12 days, and after all symptoms have disappeared a persistent cough remains for another week.
Influenza is one of the thousands of diseases that modern medicine has yet to find a cure for but herbs and natural remedies can relieve the symptoms.

TIP: Do not use Aspirin, this can irritate the mucus membranes.

Home remedies for Flu  

Home remedies for Flu #1: Take Vitamin C to boost immune system and increase the number of white blood cells

Home remedies for Flu #2: Take Zinc lozenges, it boosts the immune system as soon the symptoms develop.

Home remedies for Flu #3: Colloidal silver kills viruses.

Home remedies for Flu #4: Take Garlic capsules to decrease de growth of the virus.

Home remedies for Flu #5: Make a tea mixing:

1 tsp. bayberry bark.
1 tsp. grated ginger root.
½ tsp. cayenne powder.
1 cup of boiling water.
Let it sit for 20 minutes.

Home remedies for Flu #6: Take "cold and flu" tablets this homeopathic preparation has help people avoid getting infected with the flu virus by taking 1 tablet a day throughout the flu season.

Home remedies for Flu #7: Take arsenicum album if thirsty but feel better drinking warm fluids, lack of appetite, body aches, and feel worse during the night.

Home remedies for Flu #8: Take bryonia if cough, throat and chest pain, dry mouth and lips, very thirsty.

Home remedies for Flu #9: Take eupatorium perfoliatum if you have pain in your bones and eyeballs.

Home remedies for Flu #10: Take Gelsemium if feeling chills, aches, fever, not thirsty.

Home remedies for Flu #11: Nux vomica  is used when a simple cold has develop into influenza.

Home remedies for Flu #12: If the fever is too high, take catnip tea and ½ tsp. of lobelia tincture every 4 hours. Do not use if pregnant or breast-feeding and do not give to a child less than one year old.

Home remedies for Flu #13: Cat's claw shortens the duration of the flu.