Spread a thin layer of honey over the burn and cover with a dressing. Repeat this regularly every two hours till it heals. If it is not possible, Mash a ripe banana (kela) and apply on burns and bandage with betel leaves (paan ka ptta).


Slightly roast a big onion on a naked flame. Mash it and mix in teaspoon each of turmeric powder and ghee ( if prepared from cow's milk-better). Apply and tie a bandage. If onion is not acceptable, apply a watery paste of ginger (Adrak) powder and turmeric (haldi) powder (ratio should be 1:1) on the boils.

There is a growing tendency to indulge in sexual intercourse and avoid its consequences by adopting contraceptive appliances. These are devices which tempt men and women to transgress and avoid the consequences of such transgression. Birth control appliances may successfully prevent conception but it can not prevent the consequences of flouting nature. If these are widely used, the race or community using them will very soon find that it is getting depraved, dehumanized, brutalized and on the high road to extinction. These appliances invite unbridled exercise of passions and the curse of nature is bound to follow, sure enough.

As we know that the "testes" and  "ovaries" secrete substances which give manliness to men and womanliness to women. If the 'vital fluid' is used for its legitimate purpose, there can be occasion for its use only once in several months for getting a child. But if the male organ is used oftner and the 'vital fluid' wasted, then man loses manliness. This is why, restraint of this organ is held to be the first necessity for attainment of Brahmacharya.

      "Lust" is the prime exciter of this organ. Acknowledging the powerful nature of the attraction of lust, Saint Tulsidasji says, "Who is there whom 'passions' have not made blind ? Who is there on earth whom  'lust' has not made its plaything ? Who is there who was not boiled about by the 'fire of youth' and who again is there whose  'fame' has not been sullied by selfishness ?"

Childrens'  genital organs may get irritated by dirt and filth accumulated about them and a sense of relief from friction by rubbing may lead to very vicious habits. Sometimes children learn improper behaviour from playmates. It is necessary for the elders to take precaution that children do not acquire this filthy habit. The throwing off of the  'vital fluid' is more dangerous than the cutting off of an artery and throwing away of some blood. Taking light food, going to bed at least three hours after taking the last meal, cleanliness of body, proper exercise and cold bath are all necessary adjuncts. Rich and spicy food excites the senses and should be avoided. The reading of books, the seeing of scenes and hearing of stories which excite animal passions, should be carefully avoided. The toxins should not be allowed to be accumulated by over-eating or irregular eating. As regards women, mothers should teach daughters to keep the parts clean and free from irritation due to accumulation of dirt and secretion. The future mothers of nation should know that the very basis of their character as daughter and sister, as wife and mother is undermined by tolerance of any form of sexual offences. They are by nature capable of great restraint and they should increase their restraint manifold when the craze is for self-centred and shortsighted enjoyment.