Grand Ma Remedies for Asthma

Firstly, avoid citrus fruits (sour fruits), cold foods, ice-creams, deep-fried food, milk and milk-products, as milk products cause phlegm (balgam) and lead to congestion in the lungs. Figs (anjeer) are known to give relief by draining the phlegm (balgam). Take 3-dry figs, wash them well with warm water. Soak overnight in a cup of water. Eat them first thing in the morning and also drink the same water for at least 3-months. At the same time, mix one teaspoon honey with half teaspoon cinnamon (dalchini) powder and have it before going to bed at night.

 Home Remedies for Asthma

Home Remedies for asthma #1: Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are very important nutrients to treat asthma decreasing the inflammation in the lungs.

Home Remedies for asthma #2: Vitamin C Is needed to fight infection, increase the amount of oxygen and reduce inflammation.

Home Remedies for asthma #3: Use ginkgo biloba, this herb contains ginkgolide B which is very helpful. Some studies indicate that ginkgo biloba reduces the frequency of asthma attacks.

Home Remedies for asthma #4: Mullein oil is used to fight respiratory congestion, is very important to make it as a tea for faster results.

Home Remedies for asthma #5: Pau d'arco is a natural antibiotic and reduces inflammation.

Home Remedies for asthma #6: In china a powerful mixture of herbs called Shuan Huang Lian is being used in hospitals to treat respiratory illness, very important to use this herb in asthma and acute bronchitis.

Home Remedies for asthma #7: If exercise triggers asthma attacks, cut back the amount of salt in your diet and take 2,000 mg. of Vitamin C one hour before your workout.

Home Remedies for asthma #8: Eat salmon 3 times a week and take salmon oil capsules.

Home Remedies for asthma #9: Drink coffee and Soft drinks with caffeine (colas), caffeine dilates the bronchial airways.

Home Remedies for asthma #10: Make a tea using:
2 tsp. powdered Indian root.
2 tsp. granulated echinacea root.
2 tsp. elecampane root.
2 cups of water.
Mix all ingredients and let them set for 2 hours.

Home Remedies for asthma #12: To improve breathing make a tea with:

1 quart boiling water.
1 tsp. chamomile flowers.
1 tsp. echinacea root.
1 tsp. mullein leaves.
1 tsp. passionflower leaves.