Before taking any medicine remember a quote " Have Patience - if not, it will make you Patient"

The aim of this blog is to provide the best possible alternate medicine / home medicine to cure the illness of people, suffering from various disease.

In India we have a lot of home medicine to cure various disease through condiments. The kitchen aids are not only the place to cook food but can cure many illness/ diseases. We call them as Grand Ma(mother) Home Remedies. I don't know whether these condiments are traceable in other countries or not but in India these are easily available. We can also cure ourself through homeopathic medicine and herbal medicines. The best possible way to cure ourself is without any risk and side effect either it is by way of medicine/ alternate medicine, home made medicine or yoga. So everyone should try to find out the best possible way to treat them self without any side effect.

Here I am trying to consolidate some common diseases & their remedies, which has been tested time to time by our (Older Persons) Grand Parents & also many Indian priests to cure the people suffering from these disease. I am thankful for those who have compiled it and saved it in many form for the coming generation.

ANEMIA: Firstly, avoid drinking tea and coffee immediately after meals as they interfere in the absorption of iron from the food. Juice of beetroot (chakunder) taken 2-times daily is an excellent remedy for anemia especially for children and teenagers. If it is not possible, soak 12 currants (munnakas) in water overnight. Remove seeds and eat them regularly in the morning for minimum 4-weeks.

ACNE :Orange peel is very good for treating acne. Grind the peel with some water to a paste and apply on affected parts. When oranges are not in season, you can use a powder of dried orange peels. If it is not possible, make a paste of sandalwood (chandan) powder and turmeric (haldi) powder, taken equal quantity, in a little water and apply on affected parts regularly for a few days.

APPETITE LOSS :Mix equal quantities of carom seeds (ajwain), fennel seeds (saunf), dried ginger powder (sonth), blak cumin seeds (shahi jeera) and salt and make a POWDER. Mix a teaspoon of this powder in a teaspoon of hot ghee and add to cooked rice . Have this concoction as frequently as you can. If not possible, cut 1 piece ginger (adrak) into small pieces. Add 2-cups of water. Bring to a boil and then let it simmer for 2-minutes. Add milk and sugar to taste, and take it frequently like tea.

ASTHMA :Firstly, avoid citrus fruits (sour fruits), cold foods, ice-creams, deep-fried food, milk and milk-products, as milk products cause phlegm (balgam) and lead to congestion in the lungs. Figs (anjeer) are known to give relief by draining the phlegm (balgam). Take 3-dry figs, wash them well with warm water. Soak overnight in a cup of water. Eat them first thing in the morning and also drink the same water for at least 3-months. At the same time, mix one teaspoon honey with half teaspoon cinnamon (dalchini) powder and have it before going to bed at night.

BALDNESS :Boil one cup mustard oil (sarson ka tel) with four tablespoon henna (mehendi) leaves. Filter and bottle. Massage on the bald patches regularly once a day for 3-months. If it is not possible, grind fenugreek seeds (methi dana) with water and apply on the head. Leave it for at least 45-minutes before washing. Do it every morning for minimum 3-months.

BAD BREATH :Chew a piece of cinnamon (dalchini) put in a betel leaf (paan ka patta) for a few days. If it is not possible, boil some cinnamon (dalchini) in a cup of water and store it in a clean bottle in your bathroom. Use it as a mouthwash frequently.

BLADDER STONES :Boil 2 figs (anjeer) in one cup of water. Drink daily (two times) for a month.

BODY HEAT :Add 2 to 3 drops of almonds (Badaam) oil to pomegranate (anaar) juice and drink twice a day for a few days.

BURN :Spread a thin layer of honey over the burn and cover with a dressing. Repeat this regularly every two hours till it heals. If it is not possible, Mash a ripe banana (kela) and apply on burns and bandage with betel leaves (paan ka ptta).

BOILS :Slightly roast a big onion on a naked flame. Mash it and mix in teaspoon each of turmeric powder and ghee ( if prepared from cow's milk-better). Apply and tie a bandage. If onion is not acceptable, apply a watery paste of ginger (Adrak) powder and turmeric (haldi) powder (ratio should be 1:1) on the boils.

There is a growing tendency to indulge in sexual intercourse and avoid its consequences by adopting contraceptive appliances. These are devices which tempt men and women to transgress and avoid the consequences of such transgression. Birth control appliances may successfully prevent conception but it can not prevent the consequences of flouting nature. If these are widely used, the race or community using them will very soon find that it is getting depraved, dehumanized, brutalized and on the high road to extinction. These appliances invite unbridled exercise of passions and the curse of nature is bound to follow, sure enough.

As we know that the "testes" and "ovaries" secrete substances which give manliness to men and womanliness to women. If the 'vital fluid' is used for its legitimate purpose, there can be occasion for its use only once in several months for getting a child. But if the male organ is used oftener and the 'vital fluid' wasted, then man loses manliness. This is why, restraint of this organ is held to be the first necessity for attainment of Brahmacharya.

"Lust" is the prime exciter of this organ. Acknowledging the powerful nature of the attraction of lust, Saint Tulsidasji says, "Who is there whom 'passions' have not made blind ? Who is there on earth whom 'lust' has not made its plaything ? Who is there who was not boiled about by the 'fire of youth' and who again is there whose 'fame' has not been sullied by selfishness ?"

Children's' genital organs may get irritated by dirt and filth accumulated about them and a sense of relief from friction by rubbing may lead to very vicious habits. Sometimes children learn improper behavior from playmates. It is necessary for the elders to take precaution that children do not acquire this filthy habit. The throwing off of the 'vital fluid' is more dangerous than the cutting off of an artery and throwing away of some blood. Taking light food, going to bed at least three hours after taking the last meal, cleanliness of body, proper exercise and cold bath are all necessary adjuncts. Rich and spicy food excites the senses and should be avoided. The reading of books, the seeing of scenes and hearing of stories which excite animal passions, should be carefully avoided. The toxins should not be allowed to be accumulated by over-eating or irregular eating. As regards women, mothers should teach daughters to keep the parts clean and free from irritation due to accumulation of dirt and secretion. The future mothers of nation should know that the very basis of their character as daughter and sister, as wife and mother is undermined by tolerance of any form of sexual offenses. They are by nature capable of great restraint and they should increase their restraint manifold when the craze is for self-centered and shortsighted enjoyment.


Boil a teaspoon of fennel seeds (saunf) in a cup of water. Boil for 3-minutes and keep it to cool for 15-minutes. Strain. Add one teaspoon to every feed of milk of the baby. It helps cure colic.


A lemon a day keeps the cold away. For a bad cold, the juice of two lemons in ½ a litre (2½ cups) of boiling water sweetened with honey, taken at bed time, is a very effective remedy.

CONSTIPATION : Elderly People

Take a hot glass of water with one teaspoon honey and juice of half a lemon first thing in the morning. If not possible, soak 8-10 dates (khajoor) in a cup of water at night. Remove seeds & churn in the mixer in the morning and drink first thing in the morning.


Take 2-guava fruits (amrood) & cut it into pieces. Mix them with a pinch of sonth ( dry ginger powder), kali mirch (black pepper powder), white rock salt (saindha namak) & eat first thing in the morning on empty stomach for a few days

CONSTIPATION: Small Children

Soak 6-8 raisins (kishmish) in hot water (depending on the age). When cool, crush well and strain. When given routinely even to little infants, it helps to regulate bowel movement (however care should be taken - so as not to give too much otherwise the child will get loose motion). Bulk forming vegetables like carrots, radish, spinach, cabbage or roughage creating things should be consumed. Instead of juice, opt for eating the fruits.


Instil 2-drops of lukewarm neem oil inside the ear daily for a few days. OR, Use raw onion juice as ear drops.


Combine one teaspoon each powdered ginger (adrak), powdered cumin (jeera) and powdered cinnamon (dalchini) with honey and make into a thick paste. Take one teaspoon of paste thrice daily. If it is difficult to prepare this paste, drinking a very strong cup of unsweetened black tea is very effective for stopping diarrhea.


Add ¼ teaspoon salt, 3 teaspoon brown coloured sugar or ordinary sugar and 2 teaspoon lime juice to one cup of water, mix well and drink 3-4 times a day.


Soak half a nutmeg (jaiphal) in 2-cups of water for over 2-3 hours. Take one teaspoon of this infusion and mix in one cup fresh coconut water. Drink twice or thrice a day.


For diabetes, diet restriction & light exercise like walking is a must as this controls the sugar level. Use the following fruits and vegetables sparingly and with caution : dry fruits, mango, raisins (kishmish), potatoes, jackfruit (kathal), carrots (gajar), peas (matter), beans, sweet potato (shakarkand) & beetroot (chukandar). Milk & nuts intake to be restricted to the minimum whereas have plenty of curds and buttermilk. Avoid all refined foods & sweets and drink 10-12 glasses of water daily. Dry the leaves of deshi-mango tree in shade. Powder and preserve them. Half a teaspoon of this powder twice a day in the morning and evening for a few months proves beneficial. If these leaves are not available, eating 10-fresh fully grown curry leaves (kari patta) every morning for 3-months is said to prevent diabetes due to heredity factors.

Home remedies and natural cures are a way of natural healing you can do yourself at home. You are simply using methods that have worked for someone else......

You bet. Not every time for everybody, but they work great for some people. If you have a chronic problem or pain, it's like winning the lottery finding a natural cure. A low cost natural solution beats expensive pills and medications anytime.

Your body’s natural healing capabilities are only as good as the tools it has to work with. Many times natural remedies consist of nothing more than providing your body the tools it needs to heal itself...nutrients etc.










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