This is a "companion" website to supplement a course at  Eastern Washington University's online GIS certificate program
- Geography 427 - Desktop Mapping. The focus of this course is to engender interest, curiosity, and ultimately learning, about what makes a good map. It also deals with one of the primary ways to provide the map to users in an engaging environment - via the World Wide Web.


Please be aware that this site only complements the official Canvas course site. 

All official academic and classwork needs to be completed there

Using this site will help familiarize the class participant with open source online tools outside of the Canvas environment to help accomplish the task of creating, "serving", and maintaining an interactive web map. It will also expose students to the a number of web resources for personal portfolio development, collaboration, and networking.

*Note for GEOG 427 students: This is an example of a free Google Site - you will be creating one of these to showcase you and your work as part of this course.

   Remember: If you are in Canvas - Menu is on far left