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Movie Title :Jeepers Creepers

Brother and sister, Trish and Darry are taking the long country road home on a break from college when along the way, they encounter a reckless driver trying to ram them off the road the driver being a strange looking man donning shabby clothing, who seems to have sinister intentions. The siblings soon find themselves investigating the basement of an old decrepit chapel in the middle of nowhere, where there lies horrors that they least expect.

Year : 2001

Genres : Adventure Drama Horror Thriller

Rating [imdb] : 5.40

Fear takes a road trip. WhAT's EATing you? Evil is right behind you A nightmare cloaked in rags. The Tastiest Horror Film of the Year! Get a Taste of the Year's Best Horror Film! You Are NOT What You Eat... He's watching... He's waiting... He's hungry... Things are gonna get creepy...

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Actors : Gina Philips=Patricia 'Trish' Jenner Justin Long=Darry Jenner Jonathan Breck=The Creeper / Bald Cop Patricia Belcher=Jezelle Gay Hartman Eileen Brennan=The Cat Lady Brandon Smith=Sgt. David Tubbs Peggy Sheffield=Waitress Beverly Jeffrey William Evans=Restaurant Manager Patrick Cherry=Binky Plutzker Jon Beshara=Officer Robert Gideon Avis-Marie Barnes=Officer Natasha Weston Steve Raulerson=Cellblock Officer (as Steven Raulerson) Tom Tarantini=Austin McCoy William Haze=Officer with Hole in Chest (as William Hasenzahl) Kim Kahana=Camper Driver Chris Shepardson=Dying Boy Tim Phoenix=Kenny (uncredited) Victor Salva=Victim (uncredited) L'Tanya Van Hamersveld=Woman in Diner Scene (uncredited) Clint Wilder=Police Officer (uncredited)

Directors : Victor Salva

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