soccer management games

a list of soccer-football manager games to play online

This is the list with the best online football management games that you can  play online. There are 25 online soccer-football manager games listed here for now and the list is updated every week.
New -In spring 2008 is scheduled for release Football Manager Live, the online version of well known game for PC- Football Manager by Sports Interactive.

name of the game//money//game client// language

Hattrick -online soccer manager- free--browser--46 languages

Planetarium Manager - football manager game -free--browser--multi-language

Sokker -online football manager- free--browser- 3D--multi-language

Perfect Line-Up - free--browser--multi-language

TrophyManager - free--browser--multi-language

ManagerZone - free--browser--flash 3D live matches--multi-language

SoccerManager -- free -- browser -- multi-language

DugoutOnline - online football manager -free--browser--english

Freekick - free--browser game --multi-language

Goalunited - free--browser--english,german

SundayLeague - free--browser--english

SoccerProject - free--browser--multi-language

Football League - free--browser--multi-language

ManagerLeague - free--browser--multi-language

ManagerGlory - free--browser--multi-language

4-3-3 Football Manager - free trial 5 weeks--browser--english

FootieManager - free--browser--english

Online Soccer Manager - free--browser--multi-language

FootballGlory - free--browser--english

CURA Manager - free--browse--/english

AMFA Manager - free--browser--english

DreamGoal - flash football manager game -- free--browser--english

Football Arena - free--browser--multi-language

GodSoccer - free--browser--multi-language

Championship Manager Online - $5/M--game client--multi-language

Extra Time Online - free--browser--english

Football Manager Live - beta testing--game client--english

ITSAGOAL - free--browser--english

Manager-Mania -free--3D live viewer - multi-language