of online football games

PES2008 - Pro Evolution Soccer is the direct competitor for FIFA on the football video games market. I think this year they manage to do a better  game... read more
Sokker- online football manager- I've been playing the game now for nearly 2 seasons and it has me totally hooked. Excellent football management game where more

good points: huge game, free, very addictive, superb game play, right level of detail bad pints: none
If you like football and have played football management games such as Championship Manager, Football Manager and FIFA Manager, or just have a little interest in football, then you must sign up to play hattrick! Is just.... more
Freekick -
Is a good example of a well developed football sim. Freekick it's a free game and the most in depth soccer sim that i have found on the web. As good as the game is now, every season improves on an already outstanding football manager game..... more

Fifa 08 - I am an obsessed fan of Fifa series but i must say that i was disappointed to see that Fifa08 has nothing new to offer from it's gameplay point of view. I felt like if i was playing...more