Online Resources for Autonomous Language Learning









  • Agendaweb - Hundreds of free activities to learn English grammar online.  
  • English Grammar Connection - Interactive online lessons that help improve students’ English grammar skills. Gives constructive feedback during the lessons. Provides frequent reports that display areas of strength and weakness. 
  • English4u - English grammar explanations with lots of exercises (3 levels), crosswords, quizzes and irregular verbs trainer for ESL students. 
  • esl-lounge Grammar Guide - Comprehensive 25 page grammar guide. Everything from present simple, past simple, present perfect up to future perfect covered. Links to relevant exercises too.
  • FIESTA English - Extra grammar help. Exercises on verb tenses, conditionals, the passive, verb patterns, phrasal verbs, adjectives plus prepositions and more!
  • Grammar for ESL - Free lessons and tutorials on English grammar, for ESL students.
  • Grammar instructions and exercises - My personal homepage offers grammar instructions combined with lots of exercises for downloading or work online. You can also check your answers with a key.
  • Irregular Verb list with a difference. - This is an irregular verb list a little unlike those you could easily get hold of at your own school. They are listed in order of how often they appear in real English. If you tell your students that learning by heart merely the first eleven will equip them to deal with fully 50% of the usage of irregulars in English, they may react very positively.
  • Learning English: Grammar - Learn English grammar by reading the explanation then trying the quiz. Brought to you by the Learning English team.
  • - Tapetime offers audio tapes and CD's related to Voice production, pronunciation, accent reduction, and public speaking 
  • The gerund - Do you know the "x-ing-dynasty"? Have you got any difficulty with using gerunds? Have a look at the new way how to differentiate the gerunds.
  • The Truth Tree Tutorials - Tutorials on grammar, spelling, punctuation, anagrams, html, internet privacy, and the history of the English language.
  • The Writer's Guide to Prepositions - It's the new and only English PREPOSITIONARY. Makes finding the RIGHT preposition for thousands of English keywords as easy as A-B-SEE.
  • Verb + infinitive or -ing? - Printable exercise on verbs + infinitive or + gerund.
  • Grammar Quizzes: prepositions, articles, irregular verbs, pronouns, word order, etc.
  • ESL BEARS Listening, Vocabulary, Reading, Grammar and Games for beginners to intermediate.
  • Purdue University: Grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • Online Writing Lab: important parts of writing: punctuation, spelling, etc.
  • San Mateo County Community College Lots of Interactive Grammar Pratice.
  • The Big List of Long Beach City College Web Sources. Sorted by content. Suitable for basic through advanced levels.
  • Randall's ESL Listening Lab Many, many listening activities from very low level to high level.
  • Interactive Audio-Picture English Lessons 27 categories of basic vocabulary practice. Choose Basic Lesson for introduction, Writing Test to read and match, and Listening Test to listen and match to pictures.
  • University of Victoria' Excellent site from The U. of Victoria in British Columbia. Level 200 has great vocabulary lessons and quizzes on such topics as furniture, clothes, food and money.
  • Ace Writing Great writing site for students and teachers. Check out the section of the writing process, descriptive writing and the power point presentations in the teacher section.
  • Lewis and Clark's ESL Collection: Grammar, Reading, Listening, Writing, Games, etc for all levels. Great organization makes it easy to find what you want.
  • ESL Blues Entertaining collection of grammar quizzes, games and more.
  • Funbrain Fun Math, Social Studies, Language and Spelling games.
  • Net Surf Learning 10 levels of English, each with up to 100 activities! Activities are links to all sorts of sites from all over the Internet including listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and games.
  • Principles of Composition Excellent readings on the writing process, structural consideration and patterns of composition.
  • The Penguin Handbook-ESL Common Errors Workbook Excellent readings on grammar.
  • Aula fácil: grammar exercises: verb tenses, prepositions, etc.
  • Dictation on line: practice with dictations.