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Motif Notation is a method of documenting core elements and leitmotifs in movement. It can be used by everyone who observes, discusses, analyzes, teaches, or creates movement.

This online course
teaches Motif Notation concepts, symbols, and grammatical rules. Its eleven lessons are rigorous, yet fun. Observing movement and reading notation are emphasized, but you will also have experiences in notating short sequences.

Your studies will include a variety of activities such as reading texts; taking quizzes; watching instructional videos, identifying movement aspects in videos, pictures, and music; writing verbal descriptions of your observations; interpreting notation readings; performing your interpretations in videos; and writing short notation sequences. 

For sample activities, go here.

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At the end of each lesson your course tutor will give you feedback by e-mail and in person via Zoom.


Successful completion of the course and its concluding exam will mean you are Certified in Elementary Motif Notation by the Dance Notation Bureau.


The course has been used for college credit. It is equivalent to a 3 credit course.


Course topics include: