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Tax lists
linked here are not true directories, but do list many residents and are a nice substitute in their absence.

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Providence City Directory, unknown, 1824 - Free (DistantCousin - available through the Wayback Machine - may "disappear" with time)

Providence City Directory, Brown & Danforth, 1824 - Free (Early Rhode Island Toolmakers)
 - transcribed

Providence City Directory, unknown, 1836-7 - Free (Early Rhode Island Toolmakers)

Providence City Directory, Brown, 1844 - Free (Rhode Island GenWeb)

Providence City Directory, Brown, 1859 - $ (NEHGS)
 - Part I (Aagers-Burrough); Part II (Burroughs-Hayden); Part III (Hayden-Paine); Part IV (Paine-Williams); Part V (Williams-Zuill; other names)

Providence Lamplighters Directory, City of Providence, 1880 - Free (All-Ancestors)
 - transcribed

North Providence Tax List, Town of North Providece, 1888 - Free (DistantCousin)

Providence City and Rhode Island Business Directories, Sampson, Murdock, & Co., 1889
- Free (Google Books)

Providence House Directory and Family Address Book, Sampson, Murdock, & Co., 1899 - Free (Google Books)

 - Providence residents are listed by street
 - East Providence residents are listed in the back by name

 - incorrectly listed as the 1824 directory

Central Falls Tax List, Central Falls City Council, 1921 - Free (DistantCousin)

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