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California State Government and Court Directory, unknown, 1898 - $ (Ancestry)

California Voter Registrations, 1900-1968 - $ (Ancestry)

Atwater City Directory, Polk, 1938 - $ (Ancestry)

Chowchilla City Directory, Polk, 1938 - $ (Ancestry)

Livingston City Directory, Polk, 1938
- $ (Ancestry)

Madera and Merced City Directories, Polk, 1938
- $ (Ancestry)

Atwater City Directory, Polk, 1941 - $ (Ancestry)

Chowchilla City Directory, Polk, 1941 - $ (Ancestry)

Livingston City Directory, Polk, 1941 - $ (Ancestry)

Los Banos, Madera, and Merced City Directories, Polk, 1941 - $ (Ancestry)

Atwater City Directory, Polk, 1946 - $ (Ancestry)

Chowchilla City Directory, Polk, 1946 - $ (Ancestry)

Livingston City Directory, Polk, 1946
- $ (Ancestry)

Los Banos, Madera, and Merced City Directories, Polk, 1946 - $ (Ancestry)

Atwater City Directory, Polk, 1948 - $ (Ancestry)

Chowchilla City Directory, Polk, 1948 - $ (Ancestry)

Livingston City Directory, Polk, 1948
- $ (Ancestry)

Los Banos, Madera, and Merced City Directories, Polk, 1948 - $ (Ancestry)

 California United States

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