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Arizona Business Directory and Gazetteer, Disturnell, 1881 - Free (Don's List)

Arizona Business Directory and Gazetteer, Disturnell, 1881 - Free (Internet Archive)

Cochise County Mining District Directories, Disturnell, 1881 - Free (USGenWeb)
 - transcribed from the Arizona Business Directory and Gazetteer
 - Bronkow Mine, Cochise Mining District, Cochise Mining Superintendents, California Mining District, California Mining Superintendents, Chiricahua Mining District, Dos Cabezas Mining District, Dos Cabezas Mining Superintendents, Gold Camp Mining District, Huachuca Mountains Mining District, Swisshelm Mining District, Tombstone Mining District, Turquoise Mining District, and Warren Mining District

Douglas City City Directory, unknown, 1904 - Free (MyCochise)
 - transcribed
 - surnames beginning with A - Call, Call - Dix, Do - Gea, Geb - Hoy, Hu - Lon, Lop - Mit, Mof - Pho, Pic - Say, Saz - Tha, Tho - Z

First Baptist Church Directory, First Baptist Church (Douglas), 1906 - Free (MyCochise)

Cochise County Business Directory, Polk, 1912-3 - Free (USGenWeb)
 - transcribed from the Arizona Pictorial Gazetteer And Business Directory
 - Alrich, Apache, Bawtry, Benson, Bernardino, Biddle, Bisbee, Bowie, Brookline, Caliente, Calumet, Cavot, Chamiso, Charleston, Chiricahua, Cholla, Cochise, College Peak, Contention, Corta, Courtland, Crook, Curvo, Don Luis, Dos Cabezas, Douglas, Dragoon, Drury, Elfrida, Fairbank, Fenner, Forrest, Fort Huachuca, Galena, Garces, Gleeson, Hado, Hamburg, Hereford, Holt, Huachuca, Jastro, Johnson, Junction, Karro, Kelton, Kennard, Lancha, Land, Lands Crossing, Lewis Springs, Light, Lowell, Luzena, Manzoro, McAlister, McNeal, Middlemarch, Midway, Moore's Spur, Naco, Ochoa, Olga, Osborne, Paradise, Pearce, Pirtleville, Pool, Portal, Quarry, Raso, San Bernardino, San Pedro, San Simon, Servoss, Simon, Stark, St. David, St. Davids, Tombstone, Tufa, Tully, Turner, Warren, Webb, Whitewater, and Willcox

Douglas City Directory, 1920 - Free (MyCochise)
 - transcribed
 - surnames beginning with A - B, C - D, E - G, H - K, L - Me, Mi - O, P - Q, R, S, T - Z

Bisbee District Directory, McKinney, 1940
- $ (Ancestry)

Bisbee District Directory, McKinney, 1942 - $ (Ancestry)

Bisbee District Directory, McKinney, 1946 - $ (Ancestry)

Bisbee District Directory, McKinney, 1951 - $ (Ancestry)

Bisbee City Directory, Mullin-Kille & Daily Review, 1959 - $ (Ancestry)

Douglas City Directory, Mullin-Kille & Daily Dispatch, 1959 - $ (Ancestry)

Southern Arizona Telephone Directory, unknown, 1959
- Free (MyCochise)
 - transcribed; transcription does not include telephone numbers, but residents' names, addresses and communities only
 - includes Agua Prieta, Benson, Bisbee, Bonita, Bowie, Cochise, Don Luis, Double Adobe, Douglas, Dragoon, Elfrida, Huachuca City, Hereford, Kansas Settlement, Lowell, McNeal, Mescal, Naco, Palominas, Paul Spur, Pearce, Pirtleville, Pomerene, San Simon, Sierra Vista, St. David, Tombstone, Warren, and Willcox

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