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  • A dictionary, also referred to as a lexicon, wordbook, or vocabulary, is a collection of words in one or more specific languages, often listed alphabetically, with usage information, definitions, etymologies, phonetics, pronunciations, and other information;Webster's New World College Dictionary
  • (Online dictionaries) Online dictionaries similar to dictionary programs, these are often easy to search, but not always free to use, and in some cases lack the accuracy (particularly in open collaborative dictionaries), or scope of printed and electronic dictionaries.
  • Of or relating to England or its people or language
  • an Indo-European language belonging to the West Germanic branch; the official language of Britain and the United States and most of the commonwealth countries
  • the people of England
  • of or relating to or characteristic of England or its culture or people; "English history"; "the English landed aristocracy"; "English literature"
  • an Indic language; the state language of Maharashtra in west central India; written in the Devanagari script
  • Carey, Serampore, 1810, 8vo: Kennedy, Bombay, 1824, fol.: Jugunnauth Shastri Kramavant, Bombay, 1829-1831, 4to, 3 vols.: Molesworth, ib. 1831, 4to; 2nd ed. 1847, 4to; ed. Candy, Bombay, 1857, 4to, 957 pages; abridged by Baba Padmanji, ib. 1863, 8vo; 2nd ed.
  • (?????) is one of the widely spoken languages of India, and has a long literary history. In Maharashtra state about 70 million people speak Marathi.
  • The Indic language of the Marathas, spoken by about 60 million people in Maharashtra and elsewhere
online dictionary english to marathi
online dictionary english to marathi - Oxford English-Hindi
Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary
Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary
With over 25,000 words and phrases, the Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary offers comprehensive coverage of everyday vocabulary. Each English headword is translated into Hindi, and expressions and phrases illustrate how words are used in context. Words are labelled in Hindi according to subject, and whether the language is formal or informal, and there is plenty of useful information on the usage of various English words. Other helpful features include grammatical information on irregular verbs, nouns, and adjectives, and easy-to-understand pronunciations in Hindi script for every headword. The dictionary also contains useful appendices on Roman numerals, weights and measures, and chemical elements. All of these features are packed into a compact, portable format, making this the ideal dictionary for learners and teachers of English, and those who want to improve their command of the English language.

Online Dictionaries
Online Dictionaries
Online dictionaries such as Wikipedia and Merrian Webster Online allow people to access information with the click of a button. Online dictionaries are helping to create the global village because the meanings of words can be accessed and understood globally. However, the digital divide still keeps many countries from being able to access this information.
Online Reference “Dictionaries, thesauri, acronyms” page (During) – Charles Sturt University Library website
Online Reference “Dictionaries, thesauri, acronyms” page (During) – Charles Sturt University Library website
Online Reference “Dictionaries, thesauri, acronyms” page (During) – Charles Sturt University Library website
online dictionary english to marathi
Oxford Italian Mini Dictionary
This is the reissued Oxford Italian Mini Dictionary - now in an attractive new format.

This small dictionary offers the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential, everyday vocabulary with over 40,000 words and phrases and 60,000 translations. Easy-to-use colour design and a centre section of useful words and expressions listed by topic make this dictionary ideal for travel and quick reference.

Includes 3 months' access* to Oxford Language Dictionaries Online at

*Terms and conditions apply; please see for information.