2. Ning

Ning is another free web application that allows individuals to create their own very specific social network.  Site owners can approve users, moderate content, customize the layout, and change the look and feel of the site as needed.

There are already a large number of Nings in existence, but if you find a subject in need of a social network, then go ahead and create one!

Some educational Nings:
  • Ning in Education - a Ning specifically for teachers trying to use Ning with their students or other teachers.  There is a short (35 minute) screencast by the Ning master Steve Hargadon.
  • Classroom 2.0 - build for teachers who want to utilize Web 2.0 tools with their classes.  One of the larger teacher-based networks out there.
  • Angela Cunningham's Educational Ning List - a great list of Nings available for teachers, organized by subject area.
Here is even a school attempting to make a Ning the center of their professional development: