ACCA & CAT | Distance learning - the affordable way!

What is "Glocal"
Be a part of world's first ever most affordable "GLOCAL" institute for ACCA and CAT studies. With every passing day professionalism of ACCA as a global leader is getting recognized throughout the world. ACCA LIVE is providing the most affordable online/distance learning classes to its GLOBAL students in a LOCAL fashion, hence, GLOBAL + LOCAL = "GLOCAL".
With students from major countries - UKCanadaGeorgiaPakistan and many others, ACCA LIVE is growing rapidly providing professional tutoring at pinnacle of perfection.

Not "Pre-recorded" lectures in the name of "Online Classes": Majority of institute providing distance learning solutions are actually providing "pre-recorded" lectures instead of LIVE teaching. ACCA LIVE on the other hand, without confusing the terms, gives you true online classes which are 100% interactive and live.

Simplicity + Affordability + Productivity: Providing what you need, when you need and the way you need. No complex signing up, no waiting for answers from the teacher and still keeping it in your reach. No more going to campus. All facilities what you as a FULL Time and PART Time student want.

Confidence Vs. Guarantees: Instead of offering "money back guarantees" or "Pass Guarantee" full of hidden conditions, be a part of an institute that promise you reliable and effective learning thus instilling confidence in yourself instead of leaving you rely on guarantees and putting you again in never ending "promise mirage".