Geetanjali Online Music Events

We conduct online music events from time to time where our students, teachers and invited artists perform. Since ours is a virtual school, this type of events provide an opportunity for the students to show what they have learnt and also meet and watch other students, teachers and outside artists perform online. 

The Geetanjali Annual Online Music Event 2014 was a 2-day event, the first one was on Dec 26th 8PM EST/ Dec 27th 6:30 AM IST, and the second one was on Dec 27th 10 AM EST/Dec 27th 8:30 PM IST where a few teachers and students participated. You can watch both the days' programs  here:

Day 1

Geetanjali Online Music Event 2014 -Day 1

Day 2:

Geetanjali Online Music Eent 2014 - Day 2

On April 5 2014, on the occasion of SriRama Navami, many students and some teachers participated in a music event exclusively for songs on Lord Sri Rama. Watch it here:

On March 30th  2014, on the eve of Yugadi, Geetanjali School teacher Vidushi Padmaja Srinivasan gave a concert which can be watched below.

Here is youtube link to a Hindustani concert held on March 1st youth artist Master Arul Seth, popularly known as Mini Pandit Bhimsen Joshi  in West Bengal. He has won All India Bhajan Competition and was selected to the Top 20 of the Indian Junior Idol competition, and has won many other competitions such as those of Sangeet Natak Academy. 

Here is a  Hindustani Music Concert performed by our Hindustani teacher 
Mrs Sanghamitra Ghosh performed a variety of classical, Bhajan, Gazal, and Film songs on Feb 15 th 2014 . The concert also included an experimental feature of "remote duets" which Mrs Ghosh from New Delhi performed with her student Mr. Tejas Datta of Mumbai. Here is a live recorded link:

Here is a video of a music event on Jan 25th 2014 to mark the occasion of India's Republic Day. Vidushi Padmaja Srinivasan gave a performance of patriotic songs. 

Here is a video of Geetanjali Online School's music event on Jan 11 2014 where many students and teachers performed.

Geetanjali Online Music Event- Jan 11, 2014