4th Grade Online Book Review Project

Your mission
, secret agents, is to write a book review and publish it online!
Letting the world know about a great book is hard to do, but knowing the parts of a good book review will help. The three parts of a book review are a hook, a brief summary and recommendation(s).

Looking at book reviews others have written will help you decide how YOU want to write about a book. Here's a site with student book reviews:
Share What You're Reading                 
**Partner with one of your classmates. Choose at least two different reviews. Using the Book Review Rubric, decide together what rating you would give each review. Some important things to look at are whether the reviewer included all three parts of a good review and whether it influenced you to read the book or not.

Your task:
1. Choose a book that you have read recently. It should be one you REALLY liked! 
2. Use the Book Review Worksheet to gather your thoughts about the book.
3. Write your rough draft using your worksheet notes. It should be one paragraph that  includes all three parts of a good book review. Use the Book Review Rubric to guide you.
4. Edit your rough draft with the help of classmates and your teachers. Remember....spelling and grammar count! Check the rubric to see if you have included everything you need.
5. Type your final draft in GoogleDocs and include your initials and your class (4A or 4W) at the end of your review. Be sure to title your document using your name and review in the file name; for example, I would use "StoneReview" for my file name. Share it with your teacher so that you and your teacher can do the final proofreading. Remember....give your best effort because the WORLD will be watching!
6. When the whole class is ready, meet Mrs. Stone in the lab. You'll be given instructions on how to publish your review on the Internet.
7. Congratulations, secret agent authors! You are only days away from being world famous!!