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Q: Why should I order GOOGLE CASH from you?

a) We give you a FREE readymade e-commerce website worth Rs.2400/- filled with over 100 pages of good quality content. NO other company offers this free readymade website other then ours.

b) We offer quality content.

c) Google Cash is protected by a 128 bit encryption key.

Q: How much money can I make?
A: On an average, by using the Google Cash techniques our clients are earning over 1000/- rupees a day working for around 1 hour a day.
Q: Who will pay me for my work?
A: Google.com, whose ads you will place on your site will send you cheques in Indian Rupees. The payout is monthly and you can deposit these cheques into any Nationalized or Multinational Bank.
Q: What are the payment options for ordering Google Cash ?
A: You have to send the cash to our address by post or speed post and your package will be sent to you within a week.
Q: After I order, will you help me with any questions?
A: Sure, why not? We offer after sales online support for our clients.
Q: What exactly is in this CD ?
A: The CD is actually a tutorial which will train you and guide you using its step by step approach in making money on the internet using Google.com. It also contains a free readymade website.
Q: What is the guarantee that i will get my package after sending you the money?
A: Its your choice whether to choose our product or not because we don't force you to do it. We have complete faith on our product. Many people have changed their life after choosing our product. You can check our Testimonial section for more. We are already making huge money using our product and there is no reason why we will not deliver you your product. We generate lakes of dollars so we don't need your 1,199 Rs/. It is the cost of our many years labour in searching this product.
Q: How long will it take me to go through the contents of the CD ?
A: These programs are described in a short, sweet and to the point manner. No lengthy blah blah.
Q: For who is GOOGLE CASH suitable?
A: GOOGLE CASH is specifically meant to help Internet beginners start making money online. It's meant for the common man. It's so simple and easy, anyone can do it. Work from home at your convenience and reap rich dividends.
Q: I'm outside of the India. Will your GOOGLE CASH be able to help me make money?
A: Absolutely. Geography will not limit the potential of our strategies to make you money.
Q: Why must I pay a Start Up Fee, Is it required?
A: We receive hundreds of inquiries in regards to working from "Computer & Internet", and it is impossible for our customer support department to  manage and assist each interested party without the certainty that they will become an active, productive independent business home-worker. We have had many of our support workers spend days training and setting up new business owners who in turn did not work.  The fee also pays the comission of your referrer. [please be advised there are no refunds after sign-up]. We also offer the webspace and domain name  free also if you are not interested in contacting any web hosting company.So the product fee is very reasonable.
Q: I don't have a computer and Internet connection at home. Can I work from a cyber cafe?
A: Of course.
Q: Can you help me setup my site?
A: The instructions are included in the kit that you will receive. But all you will really need to do is just change a file to your own Google Adsense ID and then just upload to your server.
Q: Is there any more investment required after I purchase GOOGLE CASH ?
A: There is absolutely no investment required if you work with Google AdSense.
Q: Can the Google Cash system work for all?
A: The market is huge and constantly expanding. More than 200 million people a day search on Google for products and services. Google performs better than any other advertising program out there.

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