NWF (Nonsense Word Fluency)

NWF measures the ability to identify and blend letter sounds. It assesses two related skills: 1) the ability to identify and say the most common sound associated with each letter, and 2) the ability to blend sounds together into words. Nonsense words are used in this measure so that a student's familiarity with sight words will not influence his or her ability to identify common letter sounds (individually or blended) into made up words. NWF uses CVC and VC patterns to create the non-words. NWF is administered MOY Kinder through BOY Grade 2.

Matching Game

Tile matching game (8 tiles, 1 round) where students match medial and end sounds to words with missing letters

Make a Word

Building word game in which students drag medial letters into CVC frames. Words are read when they are made and clicked.

Jim's Whirly Word Game

Create and read CVC words and determine whether they are real or nonsense.

CVC Maker

Select one of two activities to create and read real and nonsense CVC words. Students can either match the target word or create their own list of target words using onset and rimes.


Play a game in which bubbles are popped to drop CVC words into a target below. Highly engaging format can increase fluency.