FSF (First Sound Fluency)

FSF measures a student's fluency in isolating the initial sound in a word and is an auditory task. The assessor say a word and the student responds with the first sound. Some words begin with blends and other with single phonemes (half continuous sounds and half with stop sounds). FSF is administered BOY through MOY Kinder.

Spelling Match

Matching game with 8 tiles. Students match beginning sounds word tiles with picture tiles. Only one round at this level.

Interactive Storybook

http://teacher.scholastic.com/clifford1/(list of related activities)
Interactive Clifford the Big Red Dog stories 'The Big Dig' and 'Where's Emily?' Students read a story and select a word with the same or similar initial sounds to complete a sentence on each page. Audio for each line can be played repeatedly.

Sound Match

Match the initial sound of a picture with 12 other pictures. Students can click each picture to hear the word and then move the words with the same initial sound to an answer box. When finished, they can play again with another sound.


Select letters from a verbal prompt to create CVC words.

What Starts with the Letter

Select a picture of an item that begins with the identified letter, as prompted verbally by Big Bird.