Our Programs

Classical Ballet 
Ballet is not only beautiful to watch, but also the foundation for all other techniques of dance. Ballet training strengthens and tones the muscles while focusing on body alignment and good posture. It requires flexibility, stamina, memorization focus and discipline. Training in Ballet can help a child not only in their other dance classes, but in all areas of life. Our Ballet staff have all been classically trained. 

Pre-Ballet for three to five year old pre-schoolers is usually the first dance class they will take and introduces traditional ballet movements and techniques in a non-competitive, friendly, safe environment. Children develop coordination and listening skills by moving, dancing and sometimes singing along to beautiful classical music. With the use of special props and "princess" themes, students learn dance etiquette and how to interact appropriately in a group setting while making new friends. They are also introduced to the French language through the repetitive use of common dance terms. A great class for the first time dancer!

Modern dance is the ultimate form of expression through dance. There are many different styles of Modern from Martha Graham, Twyla Tharp, Horton, Limon, and Merce Cunningham to Alvin Ailey and more. It is a very powerful style and beautiful to watch! It is an expressive way to dance, and often tells a beautiful and imaginative story. Throwing the body off center while using incredible core strength allows students the chance to experience movement from the inside out. This in turn serves to deepen each student’s understanding of the style.

Tap has many styles and variations. The beginner through advanced tap technique taught at On Hudson by Alex Martin and Irina Antonenko...is....rythmic.....it's cool..... it works with your body ... it stems back to one of the Tap legends of Mr. Bojangles and continues to be used by some of today’s great Tap artists. This technique will give you structure as well as freedom when you dance. It sounds great too! 

Jazz is a cool, energetic, fun filled expressive form of movement. The music is current and the styles vary from traditional such as Luigi and Fosse (Broadway Jazz)... to  the very expressive and dramatic Lyrical and Contemporary.... to the present day style called Hip Hop performed in music videos, dance shows and by current pop recording artists. Davon teaches all levels and styles of Jazz including the very popular Hip Hop. He teaches Contemporary to our advanced Company dancers. Alex Martin teaches an open level Lyrical Jazz class for 11 years and up on Saturday's at 5:25. 

Please be our guest for any of these great classes!!!


Birthday Parties
We do incredible Birthday Parties! Sundays 12:30 to 2:00 or 2:30 to 4:00. Includes a fun dance theme or karate class of your choice! Also includes gift for the birthday child...personal invitations...at least 2 instructors and lots of fun! Call now for more information. We book in advance!

Interval Step
Blast your body into shape with this intense class taught by Stacey Steeg! A high energy cardiovascular workout combining hi/lo aerobics, step, high intensity drills, and strength training!

Cardio Pump Fusion
A great combination class! Aerobic dance moves and or kickboxing to pump your heart and lungs along with weight training to strengthen your muscles, ending with an intense ab routine that incorporates both standard crunches along with mat pilates. The focus is on cardio health, muscular strength, coordination, and flexibility! End with the ultimate yoga stretch and relaxation.


Pam Campana's TBC class utilizes a variety of equipment such as weights, balls, bands and rings to strengthen all the core muscle groups, especially the abdominals and back. She gives a great total body stretch and relaxation with her yoga moves!

Boot Camp Fusion

Boot Camp is an invigorating, action packed, high energy workout that doesn't quit until the class is over. It incorporates the use of free weights, body bars and reebok steps. With easy to follow cardio and weight baring moves, it is non-stop fun! It will burn fat and sculpt and shape all the core muscle groups. Andrea also incorporates pilates and yoga for the ultimate and complete stretch!