May 26th is just around the corner and our students are preparing for another awesome recital!! This year's theme is "THROUGH THE DECADES" A look back on the fun styles and music of the past years! 
Costumes are starting to come in slowly. If you have any sizing issues, please let us know asap so we can make the adjustment now.
 PLEASE tell your friends and families about this wonderful yearly event and hopefully they can join in the fun! 

PLEASE Save the date 
May, 26th 2018 for our Spring Recital!
                2018 Schedule  
Register online by clicking the link below


You can order a DVD now by clicking the link below

Pictures from our 2016 Rockette's Experience!! 
Future Rockettes!! 

Pictures from our Winter Wonderland Show! 

Pictures from our 2016 Summer Dance Intensive! Don't miss out this summer...

Thank you to all who donated to ECAD!

“As a disabled veteran and a direct recipient of your generosity to Project Heal, let me say how very grateful I am for your financial support, which helped make it possible for me to get an ECAD Service Dog.” 

Tony Charles   

     Announcements & Reminders

  • Spring dance classes continue until June 17th. Anyone who would like to try one of our great classes, please call asap for a free intro.
  • 478-0508

  Gorgeous action photos will be available for viewing and purchase   

   Videos look fabulous! You can still order a DVD from 
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