Melissa Metcalf Le Roy, Cheif Wildcrafter
Melissa Metcalf Le Roy

Chief Wildcrafter

Our Code of Ethics & Philosophy

Make products that are safe

for all and will not

harm any living creatures.


Deal with and treat

all constituents fairly.


Compete with dignity,

honesty and integrity.


Always respect and never

harm the environment.

Keep truthful records,

especially accounting records.

Personal Background
Melissa Metcalf Le Roy is the founder and Chief Wildcrafter of OnFire Naturals, Inc.  For many years family and close friends have been receiving gifts of OnFire Naturals products from Melissa for birthdays, holidays and special occasions.  Several years ago, those same friends and family encouraged her to make her products available to the public.  In 2013, she launched OnFire Naturals, Inc.

Melissa's love of nature stems from her childhood.  She was born and raised in Western North Carolina, one of the most diverse mountain forest areas in the US, and home to thousands of medicinal plants. Growing up on a farm, where the family grew their own food and raised a variety of farm animals, she learned to honor and respect Mother Nature. 
Melissa’s parents instilled in her a grateful heart for Mother Nature’s provisions of food, clothing and shelter, and taught her  to take only what was needed and  to always give  back. She continues to be  a  committed steward and ambassador for our Environment, and this care is reflected in her skin care line, OnFire Naturals.

Melissa's diverse heritage is similar to many American's. Her ancestors are from England and Ireland intermixed with the local Native Americans of the Cherokee Nation. It is the age-old traditions of the Cherokee  that she follows and honors in the creation of her OnFire Naturals products.

For centuries indigenous people have structured their calendars, ceremonies and lives around the phases of the moon. The phase from the new moon to the full moon is believed to hold great energy. Staying true to tradition, wildcrafting of OnFire Naturals products occurs around the Moon phases, which harnesses the healing, cleansing and purifying feminine energy.  It is in this energy that OnFire Naturals products are wildcrafted. Strong, supportive and purifying masculine energy is also introduced into production using the Fire element.

Plants are honored, loved and celebrated with ceremonies during  planting, harvesting, and wildcrafting. At the time of wildcrafting, Melissa sits and communes with the plants -- locally she has become known as the "plant whisperer".[J2]  In all areas of product creation, the environment takes center stage. If you cannot find it in Nature, you will not find it in the product line, this includes the packaging. All packaging for OnFire Naturals products are recyclable or compostable. Melissa's conviction is the same as many indigenous cultures, what you do now affects the next seven generations, so strive to leave the world a better place than when you came

Professional Background
Melissa, a graduate of the Duke University's Non-Profit Certificate Management Program and Duke's Advanced Certificate program, teaches non-profit management classes throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia for Duke University.  She is a board member of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.  She contributes a regular "Non-Profit Leadership" column for the Tryon Daily Bulletin, and offers her services as a professional consultant through her own firm,  OnFire Nonprofit Consulting.

Melissa is very passionate about the environment and has been awarded a Master Naturalist certification by Clemson University's South Carolina Master Naturalist program, where she also devotes long hours as a volunteer.

Before joining the nonprofit sector, Melissa worked for over seven years with Lowe's, Incorporated.  A North Carolina native, she currently lives in Saluda, North Carolina with her husband Chris and their two dogs Chandra and Cali.