Summer is almost here and we can hardly wait!  We will have all kinds of fun activities, programs and performers for you this summer at the Brownsburg Public Library.  No matter how old you are, there is a program designed just for you! So get your whole family involved and check out what we have to offer. 

On this website, you will find fun activities to do after you have finished your summer reading passport.  Click on the links listed on the side of the page to find fun stuff to do!  Start with the Activities link and then go through each of the seven continents to learn more about each one.  Since the theme for summer reading this year is One World, Many Stories, we are traveling around the world!  The activities you find here will take you on a journey, without ever leaving your computer.  Also, there will be questions to answer at the end, so put your thinking hats on and keep your eyes peeled!

As you are exploring this site, remember that almost all of these continents have many different countries in them that have their own languages, music, food and customs.  The activities and information given for these continents is just a small amount of what you would find if you traveled to every single country in a continent.  Just like how you have some things in common with your friends but you aren't exactly the same as them, these countries have some things in common, but they aren't all the same either.  This is just the place to start learning!


You are ready to begin your journey!