10) Parts list for original monowheel board

OSMC Motor Controller:   Click here
ATMega32 Development board:  Click here
Accelerometer ready mounted onto small circuit board: Click here
Kart sprockets (example) (I used 219 chain size which is smaller than US Kart chains), ebay was probably best place to get the kart parts second hand: Click here
How to work out your chain length - use a chain length calculator: Click here
Silicon Sensing Systems CRS-03 solid state gyro: Click here
Motor sprockets that take 219 chain but will also fit onto an imperial size motor drive shaft (rare things), Azusa Engineering: Click here
Motion Control Products, a reasonable price powerful 24V motor with keyed shaft: Click here
Supplier of a useful LED bar type volt meter/battery meters for 12, 24 and 36V batteries to show state of charge: Click Here