4. 3 chords = 1 million songs

Believe it or not!

Did you know: if you take a chessboard and put 1 grain of rice on the first square, 2 pieces on the next square, 4 pieces on the next square and 8 on the next ... doubling each time ... there would not be enough rice in the world to complete the chessboard.

The same goes with these 3 chords. There are literally an endless number of songs that could be produced with them.

OK, you asked for them:

An 'X' means don't play that string. The numbers are your fingers. 1 = index    2 = middle    3 = ring 

Notice that finger 1 stays on the third string. 
It's behind the second fret for A and D and behind the first fret for E.
Try each chord and check each string can be heard clear. 
If you get buzzing or muted sounds, check your pressing your fingertip into the fretboard firmly.
Check nothing is getting in the way (another finger or your sleeve).

Your finger should be as close to the fret as possible. Just touching it with the edge of your fingertip is perfect. 
The further away from the fret, the harder you will need to press to get a clear sound.

Here's a couple of hits using these chords below. 
For the strum pattern just start with one down stroke for each chord.

A Maori/English learning song: (just try one down strum per chord)
D              D                      D               A
Ma is white,     whero is red,     kakariki     green 
A                            A                    A               D
Pango is black,    mangu is too,     A. E. I. O. U.

A        A               A    E
Tahi is one,   rua is two,     toru number three  
E               E        E        A
Wha is four, rima is five,     1, 2, 3, 4 ,5

Silent Night - A traditional Christmas carol: (also just one down strum per chord)

A                    A
Silent night    Holy night
E                    A
All is calm    All is bright
D                            A
Round yon virgin    Mother and child
D                        A
Holy infant so     tender and mild
E              E                A        A
Sleep in heavenly    peeeeace!
A                E                A
Sleep in    heavenly    peace

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