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Latest update from the project 15/09/14

Class room completely finished and in use for the new Autumn term.

Project update 27/09/13

Apologies for the delay but finally we can now give an update on the classroom repair and rebuilding programme up at Kundeni. A big thanks to all of you who have supported this initiative to help the school kids over in Bore through the Indiegogo - Call Me Maybe campaign. A team of volunteers, led by our partners Handshake Productions have just returned from Bore and you can see their photos and videos below.

We  need to acknowledge that we ran into a few unforeseen problems on this project. It has taken a lot longer than planned and we haven't been able to complete the work as hoped (including mounting of plaques) but a good start has been made and we are confident that we will get there in the end!

Main achievements of campaign:

$2,486 raised on Indiegogo. With partial match funding from Size of Wales and after charges and commission a total of £2,529 was remitted to the Kundeni School Management Committee.

Establishment of 4000 seedlings in a new school tree nursery
New forest of 1100 trees planted, GPS logged and photographed
Major repairs made to existing classrooms
Foundations laid and walls started on new class room
Road up to Kundeni repaired to allow access for delivery of materials

What's next?  A new campaign to finish the new classroom, of course. Watch this space!

New school nursery

(Click on the images below to enlarge)

Tamarind seedlings

Moringa seedlings

Gmelina arborea seedlings

Repairs to existing classrooms

New steel shutters and doors

New rendering and wooden doors
New window bars

Pictures from the planting site

Gmelina seedling, just planted, thirsty.

Schoolboys by another thirsty gmelina

and this time by a neem....

A wider view of the planting site

Building the classroom....

Digging the foundations

Laying the foundations

Building the walls to floor level



Walls built to window sill height

Aerial view of Kundeni school and planting site with flags indicating the precise position of first 250 trees planted

Latest video from the project 20/09/12

Latest Project Video

Latest Pictures from Kundeni School 06/08/12

Thanks to everyone who has helped.

Each donation on this site plants trees and gives the school money for the children's needs. With their first batch of cash (partly funded from 1tree1child) the teachers have bought mattresses etc for the poorer kids who sleep at school on the floor.

New stuff arrives

Carrying in the mattresses

New luxury sleeping system - Bore

Baboons and other wild animals get in through the windows at night...

No baboon is getting in there anymore