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Buy a Tree or Donate

          Here you can buy                               1 tree                            for 1 child               as we only have 1 planet

PayPal Simple Storefront

1 tree,1 child,1 planet

    Or donate any amount below. Either way, if you don't have
a PayPal account you will have the option to use a card

                                    Donation Guidelines
  • £1.50 buys one tree and with our match funding from Size of Wales means the school receives ~£2.75 for materials, repairs, books etc
  • £6.00 buys 4 trees and the school gets ~£11.75
  • £40.00 with match funding becomes £80.00 and puts one of 300 children into secondary school for a year


  • When you order a tree or donate we add your name to the list on The Kid's page and then once your tree is planted we log its precise location by gps and send the info to you on a 'Confirmation of Planting' email.
  • We will keep you updated on the development of the project, showing how your cash has been spent, by email unless you advise us not to.
  • Any queries or concerns about the project? Just email us - 1tree1child(at)gmail.com