Training & Technique (PTT)

"With OTOA you cannot betray yourself."
-Tony Naumovski, Actor


The OTOA Performance Technique & Training (PTT)™, offers PERFORMERS a clear approach towards a more specific, liberating, physically connected, moment-to-moment life on stage; DIRECTORS the tools for crafting a dynamic, visually engaging and detailed form of storytelling; PUBLIC SPEAKERS, a method for a more detailed, engaging, confident and dynamic stage presence.

Exercises and discussions taught during an OTOA PTT workshop address three major acting and performance obstacles: generalization, lack of variety, and physical detachment. In practice, OTOA PTT ultimately brings specificity, versatility and physical vitality to the stage.

Class participation includes individual and group exercises and observation. Exercises are followed by class discussion and exchange.

OTOA PTT Workshops are useful for Performers, Stage & Film Directors, Singers, Dancers, Choreographers, Models, Teachers, Theater Artists and Public Speakers.

"OTOA arose out of a personal and professional imperative as a theater artist, to get more detailed, specific, and physically dynamic performances from the actors I was working with.

It was this desire that forced me to consider more deeply what it was I found the most satisfying and compelling
when watching a performance of any kind.

It became clear that what engages me the most is the physical expression of the performers thinking process. It is through this type of physical expression that I gain entrance into a production, it is what pulls me in,
and what enables me to invest more fully in the production.

It is the specific visualization of thought into action that distinguishes the stage’s capacity for expression from that of radio or literature, thereby providing a more visceral event for the audience. And it was this observation that became the primary motivation in the development of OTOA as a performance technique and training"

~Gia Forakis

OTOA Founder, Master Teacher & Theater Artitst

PTT Workshops Include
  • Physical Study & Identification of Increments of Thought
  • Exploration of Space & Time Through Shape
  • Introduction to Shape as Physical Action
  • Introduction to Shape as a Component of Visual Storytelling
  • Identification of How Thought Informs Shape
  • Exploration of Form & Content
  • Engaging the Text
  • Physical Memorization Technique
Exercises Include
  • Walking the text
  • Locomotive tableau
  • Movement with Music
  • Compositions with Shape
  • Tableau Improvisations
  • Shape Scenarios

Other Topics Include

  • The Performer's Craft
  • The Director’s Craft
  • The Speaker's Craft
  • Style vs. Technique
  • Discipline & Craftsmanship

OTOA is a reliable method. As a Performance Technique it can be used in its pure form or incorporated to work in tandem with other performance-based methods or public speaking systems.

In rehearsal and performance, OTOA addresses three major performance obstacles: generalization, lack of variety and physical detachment (e.g.: "What should I do with my hands?”).

OTOA liberates the participant through a very practical technique, that ultimately brings physical variety and vitality to the stage.

The OTOA Technique can also be applies as a guiding principle for clarifying goals, and bringing balance and focus into our multitasking life styles through OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP) Workshops. Click here for further information on OTOA CLP Workshops.