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A 90-Minute Online Workshop, Mondays in April

~ on a pay what you can afford basis ~

Focusing on the Core Principle of Creativity:


Led by OTOA Founder & Master Teacher, Gia Forakis

See REGISTRATION Details Below

Attend one, or all four. It's up to you

"How do we stay socially distant, but spiritually connected?"

- Governor, Andrew Cuomo, March 23, 2020, Daily Covid19 Press Conference

Dear Friends,

We are living through an extraordinary time.

It is a time of great unknowns, which can be stressful , isolating and destabilizing.

BUT it is also a time where we, as a community, as a nation, and as a planet, have a remarkable opportunity to awaken to how truly CONNECTED we all are, personally, economically, locally, nationally, globally, and spiritually.

Although it is a time that requires us to sequester ourselves, to maintain physical distancing, to be separated from loved ones, and, for many of us, to go without human touch for an undetermined length of time, it is also a time that requires us to find new ways for CONNECTING that have deeper meaning and cover greater distances.

Additionally, it is SPRING, the season of rebirth and renewal!

And it is this combination of confluences that makes this time so EXTRA-ORDINARY & PROFOUND!

Despite our current circumstances, this is the season for tilling the proverbial soil and preparing it for planting new SEEDS, new IDEAS, new VISIONS, new POSSIBILITIES, and new CONNECTIONS.

It is a powerful time for the power of good to take root and grow.

It is in this spirit, the spirit of being awake, alert, and aware of the tender new birth in our surroundings, of the urgent need to strengthen our practice of CONNECTION, and of the opportunity to harness our CONNECTION to THE CREATIVE, that I have designed this MONDAY MINI SERIES.

You are welcome to attend one workshop , or you can take all four. It is up to you how many you would like to attend.

Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of CONNECTION.

Because of the economic hardship we are all currently facing, I am offering this Monday Mini Series on a PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD basis. However, your full attendance to the entire length of each session is required.

This OTOA Creative Life Practice workshop, is hosted by theater artist and actor, Theodora Loukas*, and on behalf of Theodora and myself, we hope you will join us in enhancing, expanding, and strengthening your practice of CONNECTION.

With Inspiration & Grace


OTOA Founder & Master Teacher

Open to everyone in every field and every discipline!

You do not need to be an artist to benefit from a Creative Life Practice

CONNECTION: The Core Principle of Creativity.

The Rose & The Rose Bush: Each one of us is like the exquisite beauty of a rose blossom, a unique expression of life. However, in reality we live and thrive within a community of other rose blossoms all drawing our sustenance from a central source of connection, a life giving rose bush: the thing that connects us.

It is our connection to one another, and to something greater than ourselves, that is the key to the realm of abundance, peace, joy, and a deep sense of fulfillment.

In this workshop we will explore CONNECTION as an organizing principle for the ways in which we engage in our personal and professional choices, our relationships, our hopes, and in an active daily practice for creating a meaningful life.

This weekly series is an opportunity to come together --virtually-- in a supportive, non-secular, atmosphere for growth, self-awareness, and creative support, while we strengthen our Connection to one another, our community, and the world.

WHAT IS OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)™?

Founded by master teacher, Gia Forakis, OTOA CLP is a course of study for the practice and principles of personal & professional growth based upon the Six Aspects for Creativity™. All teachings are grounded in the principles of the One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA)™ technique for incremental thought and action,

For more about OTOA CLP, Click Here


• Workshops consist of a combination of individual and group exercise including: writing, creative inquiry, craft projects, ritual and dialogue.

• Exercises, and readings, are followed by class discussion and exchange.

• Some physical movement may be encouraged, but nothing strenuous or beyond the capacity of the participant’s abilities or level of comfort is required.

Photo of Gia Forakis, by Nina Carballo



Monday, April 6, 13, 20, and 27


6:30 - 8:00pm

• Please make every effort to be on time for the workshop.

• Because CONNECTION is key to these workshops it is important to make a commitment to the entire 90 minutes of each session. Your connection is valuable to the entire group.

• If you cannot commit to the full 90 minutes please consider registering when you are available to do so. Many Thanks!


Pay What You Can Afford


Details Below


If you are new to ZOOM, or new to online internet classes and group meetings, or if you do not feel confident with internet or digital interfacing, I am very happy to tell you that, until last week, I was in your same shoes.

Allow me to say that if I can ZOOM anyone can ZOOM.



• Once you register for the workshop I will email you the ZOOM web link for your session.

• There will be a new web link each week, one for each session (four total).

• Make time BEFORE the we begin to set up our ZOOM session.

• 20-30 minutes BEFORE the sessions begins, click the link I send you and follow all the prompts it asks and "ALLOW"

• ZOOM is FREE for you to use.

• You will be asked to download the ZOOM application. This is normal and it is FREE.

• You MUST DOWNLOAD THE APP to access the workshop. Again, it is FREE to download their app.


• How to bring your best self to the screen!

• We do NEED & WANT to SEE YOU-- that is part of our Connection!

• You will need a computer that has a video camera, or you can use your smartphone.

• If you use your phone, for this session, 1.) be sure it is fully charged, and 2.) please find a way to set it up so that your hands are free for writing exercises.

• Attend to lighting in your room so we can see your face can be seen. FYI: Useful note on lighting are provided at the bottom of this web page.

• We also want to be sure we can hear you . You may want to consider wearing a headset/earbuds with a built in microphone. This is not necessary, but worth considering.

• Please find a room/space that is private, quite, and where you will not be disturbed for our 90 minute session.

• I strongly advise that if you have never used ZOOM before that you sign into the workshop at least 20-30 minutes ahead of time.

• Either our Host, Theodora, or myself, will be on line 30 minutes prior to each session to help participants troubleshoot tech issues-- so that we can start the workshop on time.

FYI: USEFUL NOTES ON LIGHTING are provided at the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE, generously contributed by Lighting Designer, Michael Gotlieb, ©.2020



Please Contact

In your email please include the following:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Phone Number
  3. Your Snail-Mail Address (optional)
  4. The MONDAY DATE(s) that you would like to attend
  5. How You Heard About OTOA
  6. A Few Words About Yourself
  7. What Interests You About this class or series
  8. Please include " MONDAY MINI " in Subject of your email


Within 24-36 hours after we receive your email with registration information (outlined above) we will contact you by email with:

• The ZOOM link to the workshop, and the Focus for that session

• Preparation details and any materials you will need

• What to "bring" to the session

• Information on how to make a payment of What You Can Afford


For the Monday APRIL 6th Workshop-- Please Register by FRIDAY April 3

For the Monday APRIL 13th Workshop--Please Register by FRIDAY April 10

For the Monday APRIL 20th Workshop--Please Register by FRIDAY April 17

For the Monday APRIL 27th Workshop--Please Register by FRIDAY April 24




NOTE: Registered participants will also receive a ZOOM link by email prior to each session along with preparation information for each session.


I'm sincerely looking forward to CONNECTING through this new Mini Series

With prayers for your safety & health



Thank You Michael Gotlieb!

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