The Kevolution

What it is, why it is and why  it's me.


I know I'm not the only person out in the big, wide world using the name The Kevolution, but I will defend my right to use it and I will defend an entitlement to use it as a name.


Some have asked for why The Kevolution exists as regards to me well here, for the first time, is the  full story.

A few years back, I hit rock bottom. Almost everything I prized in my life suddenly fell through the floor and there was so little I could do about it it just wasn't funny. Now that was a hard thing for me, because humour has always been a self-defense mechanism for me.

 I won't go into too much details, but somewhere around the lowest ebbs of these things a few friends pointed out some home truths to me, not the negatives but the positives and these started to sink in.

I'd always been the kind of person that works on things best if they have a name. I've always been able to make a story flow from the title alone, so as part of the 'great rejuvenation, a title was needed and thus, for me anyway, The Kevolution was born.

In  a strange kind of way it was  the process of rebuilding myself from the ground up, building on my strengths and working towards what I wanted from life with no  fear.  As time went on  The Kevolution  became public, a semi-joking reference to  me doing  new (and occasionally crazy)  things and generally improving my lot and having fun with those around me.

Then, it caught on. The T-Shirt I got for my birthday - announcing the first UK tour was the start, and rather than being a cute tag it grew into a nickname, a devil-may-care alter-ego and as Nicknames go, I kinda liked it. So whilst I built my version of the Kevolution as a sort of personal ideaology, it was my friends who started referring to me as "The Kevolution". 

The name stuck, and as so often happens amongst friends it has mutated as well, with a couple of folks referring to me as Mr O'Lution.

So, when it came to rebuilding my web-presence, it seemed natural to build it on this upbeat facet of my life.

The Kevolution is fun though, yeah it was a label that helped me through a tough time, but now it's more. It's a little bit of ideaology, a little bit of a running gag and a little bit of me.

I like The Kevolution, I like being The Kevolution and I like the connotations that the term has built up with those who know me.

This is MY Kevolution, welcome to it.