You were expecting, perhaps, something clever?


Eclectic Games

Games shop in Reading that I'm involved with 

Does My Geek Look 

Big In This 

Excellent Gaming, movies and beer podcast.


North Of England Gaming Group - Organisers of regular gaming meetings in the North-West.

Snark & Fury 

Snarky reviews & pop culture analysis. 

Free World Foundation

Non-Profit Organisation group devoted to electing an honorary "Leader of the Free World". Namely to stop U.S. Presidents using that title.

The Storefront of

The Kevolution

T-shirts and the like of my design. Buy now and make me not-quite rich. 

John Rickards . Com

Homepage of former collaborator and now sucessful novelist.


Online magazine for Horror Gaming.

Urban Dead 

Zombie Survival Browser game. 

On-line Chinese Tools

I'm learning Mandarin at the moment, and here's a useful site for others that may be interested. 


A fake "wikipedia" clone that has some amusing articles

Well, it's pretty much obligatory, right? I post a big list of groovy links that some of you might be interested in, presuming you like the same kind of stuff as I do.

Well, there it is, enjoy it.