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Ahh, takes me back. The heady days of the Cardiff University LRP group. Running and occasionally re-writing the Fantasy rules, on many occasions with the help of John Rickards. Good old days indeed.

And especially fond are my Memories of CyberNation X, the series of one-night only events that we ran, set in the Dark future of Cardiif & Swansea. 

And, of course, the regular game which followed it, CyberCity C.S.M., a fortnightly game set in the same milieu.

Heatray Developments was the name I concocted for developing LRP systems and running events. And whilst CyberCity was the only one that made it to event status, it wasn't the only one created.

And recently I started writing a new system, which I am hoping to run in the near future at Eclectic Games in Reading.

So this here will be a repository for all such nonsense.

The rules, as always, will be freely available for anyone to use, all I ask is that you contact me first to let me know what's happening and I'll be glad to help out.