Bonus Features

Outtakes and extras and oh my! 

The Ballad of Does My Geek

A reworking of a TV theme done for some podcasting friends. 

Ask The Kevolution

A few questions asked of the Kevolution, by another Kevolution. 

That's When the Attack Comes 

The Kevolution meets animatronic dinosaurs with inevitable results. 

Does My Faith Of The Heart Look Big In This?  

Another TV Theme reworking. 

Green Beer review  

What happens when The Kevolution meets a brew with an emerald hue. 

That's When the Attack Comes II 

Home recorded Audio of the Jurassic Park speech

Spy Trek

Short Mashup as a response to a comment on

The Bonus Features page is the equivalent of a Special Features menu on a DVD. Tucked away here are the miscellaneous bits and pieces that really don't have a home anywhere else on the site.


It may include links to other things I've done on the internet or it may hold strange little items that I've done that don't really have a home anywhere else - but I want on my site anyway.

 So, feel free to browse and see what's here - because as we go to press, even I only have the roughest of ideas.