Enlightening The Dark Conspiracy

Rules, additions and scenarios for the Dark Conspiracy RPG

Crime and Punishment


Empathic Bonding


Project Shadow

DARK CONSPIRACY has long been a favourite game of mine. Originally published back in the early nineties by Games Designers Workshop (before TSR killed them) it was a tale of UFOs and strange creatures lurking around the fringes of mankinds own dark future.

Whilst comparisons can be drawn to CyberPunk or Cthulhu, the world was markedly different. Perhaps a bit harsher than cyberpunk in it's view of humanity's progress yet more optimistic than Cthulhu. This is a game where with the right research and a careful choice of plan - humanity was capable of biting back.

Plans are afoot for a third release of Dark Conspiracy (The second edition being a rather weak rerelease at the hands of Dynasty/Archangel) so I thought I had better sort out some of my own dealings with the game.

Not only that, for at least a limited period I'm going to try and throw together a Podcast centred on Horror and Conspiracy games. The pilot episode is now available below

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