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Onerobinroad.com was originally created to be part of a lifestyle store.  Beyond organic... high fashion clothes made from organic or sustainable luxurious fabrics.  All locally made in the USA.  Beyond local... the idea was to create a place were your child could watch their clothes being made and meet the people creating them and to connect the youth back to the manufacturing process that has been outsource overseas


One Robin Road

Sustainable urban style

One: change starts with one person (the customer) making informed choices

Robin: these birds are common yet beautiful and industrious like each of us

Road: refers to our community, one planet, we all walk the same road


It was also my father’s childhood address. It is reminiscent of another era, a time before globalization, when people shopped locally and supported their neighbors.  


The timing isn't quite right to open a bricks and mortar.  So I am going forward with smaller projects.


I have decided to use this site to share my ongoing projects.  Many are inspired by the desire to use up the fabric sample yardage I have accumulated from years of working in the Apparel Industry.  Others are low cost and eco sensitive crafts.


Thank you for coming. 

Thank you for reading.