One Per Person is a quirky, fun, and light hearted 10 minute animated short film that follows Chuck and Nancy, two fast-food employees that compete for customers by handing out free chicken samples. Their vastly different styles of salesmanship results in an amusing duel and an unexpected story of self-discovery. The film is a fresh take on that disappointing first job that many of us had to endure, and a unique look at how staying positive can turn a dead-end situation into a new lease on life.


Co-Directors Jacquelyn "Jac" Piette and Nasheet Zaman teamed up in October 2010 to produce One Per Person as an independent passion project. Over the course of the next six years, they assembled a group of dedicated professionals from the film industry, brought together by their love for the art of animation. Artists from around the world volunteered their free time to be a part of the project. In 2012, the team launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for rendering the film. The production officially wrapped in March 2016. The film is currently making its rounds in film festivals and internal screenings at major studios.