MK6 (2010-2013)
Will also fit 2014 MK6 models but please verify chassis as there may be a mid year change.
Fit all Golf/GTI within the date ranges above.
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Looking for a change that wont break the bank? The Lower Mirror covers add great aesthetics and functionality all in one.
The North American Golf was deprived of Puddle Lamps, a simple, yet very nice feature to have. All the options available require significant modification to your mirror housings.  
These Lower Mirror Cover replacements offer a sequential LED pattern when you turn signal is activated, along with options of Smoke or Clears lenses over your signals, and lastly they include the Puddle Lamps you were deprived of.
A set includes Left and Right lower covers and you are not required to install the Puddle Lights. If you prefer not to remove your door panel simply disconnect the bulb and run them without.