Image Courtesy of Tourenwagen  (Dark Cherry depicted)

Depo is an OEM recognized company for quality products. R20 OEM tails run upwards of $550 and this is your chance to get a set of 100% plug and play Golf R style tails for a great price. 5 options are available to meet your needs and wants. Install takes about 45 minutes and requires very little automotive experience. These do not require any coding or additional harnesses.
For Dark Cherry and Smoke Black we offer Fog and None Fog options. If Fog is chosen, you will have 1 white reverse light and 1 red reverse light. To optimize functionality, coding is required; otherwise the Fog will function as a regular reverse light. None Fog option is the standard North American tail light style.
 Dark Cherry NA
#2: Dark Cherry WITH Fog* (One reverse light-Please research)
#3:  Black Cherry - NO FOG (Notice tinted turn signal)
#4: Smoke Black NA
#5: Smoke Black WITH Fog*
*Requires Codding to enable Fog. If you are unfamiliar with Rear Fog you most likely don't need it.
Shipping is included for continental states, for Canada or APO addresses please select the shipping destination in the drop down menu.
All MK6 Golf's and GTI's
Black Smoke
Black Smoke
Black Cherry
 Black Cherry