Q-What are my options for payment:
A-Currently our only payment option available is PayPal.
Q-Do you allow local pickup?
A-No, we do not have an actual store front therefore cannot offer local pick up.
Q-When will my product ship?
A-Products ship within 2 business days. Orders are not entered or shipped on Saturday or Sundays.
Q-When will I receive a tracking number?
A-Please allow 2 full business days to inquire, preferably the beginning of the 3rd business day.
Q-How will I receive my tracking number?
A-All tracking numbers are entered into PayPal. You will receive an email notification once it is entered.
Q-Can we combine shipping?
A-Depending on what the items are its possible, in most cases we cannot due to size.
Q-What method of Shipping do you use?
A-Shipping is FedEx only including Canada shipments. USPS also used for APO's and certain products.
Q-How long does shipping take?
A-West Coast shipping is 2-3 days. East Coast shipping is 5 business days.
Q-Will you ship to an unconfirmed address?
A-No, in order to insure we must follow the PayPal guidelines and ship only to confirmed addresses. This includes international addresses.
Q-I have condensation in my outer tail lights?
A-Please review your installation. Review my post: http://golfmk6.com/forums/showpost.php?p=992829&postcount=453
 Q- What is your return policy?
A- Refunds will be original purchase price minus original shipping cost and are subject to 20% restocking fee. Any returns must be unused with the ability to be sold as new. You must notify us within 7-days of receiving the product.
Q-How are warranties handled?
 A- Original purchaser is responsible for shipping of the defective portion. Products are inspected and upon verification, a new replacement will be shipped free of charge if a repair cannot be made. Issues as a result of improper installation will not be covered by warranty. Core charges are not provided solely because an attempt to repair the defect must be performed.