Second bow-Osage Orange

This is the Second I have ever made but the first from a stave. This little stave came about from a large log I had split and this little guy laid on the ground a few days before I though it may just make a bow. So it became my test bed for recurves, and heat treating.

*again I should have taken more pictures but I'm still learning*


Here are my first attempts at recurves (steaming) with a form I came up with. I will never use that form again.



 Curves were not equal but we went with it for awhile.



Chasing a ring on the back with my homemade scaper



Scaper made from .025 stainless steel and shaperned using the instructions here.


A better way to sharpen scrapers


Once I started Tillering the stave with the curves I didn't like what was happening, so I cut the curves out.



This made it 52" nock to nock. Here are some finished pictures.






The handle is leather soaked in super glue, instructions are here


Build along, super glue and leather bow handle








I heat treated the belly because I had a little set and wanted to try it. I reverse strung the bow and began heating with a heat gun. Becareful this can twist a limb.  It twisted my upper limb a little bit but nothing to worry about. After heat treating it had about 4" of reflex that pulled out to about an inch.


There it is!


52" nock to nock
30# at 26"
no set
6 1/4" brace


Those chairs make a great target holder and are mobile.