Heat Box

I'm going for a Aeronut style heat box.



I picked up the electrical parts for a hot box tonight at the local Wal-Mart. Around $20.00.

Than trip to Lowes for the 1/2" foil backed foam insulation and some 1"x1" boards for framing. About $26.00.

You will need two sheets of insulation and the dimensions of the box are:

Bottom: 12" wide, 17" tall, 88" long.
Lid: 12" wide, 6" tall, 88" long.

Here are some pictures of the progress.


I have the bottom done, now I just need to finish the lid and wire it up.

I bought a dial type temperature guage from Wal-mart for about $6.00 but the the next day saw they had a digital one for $2.50 it was $14.44. So all in all the heat bow has a total cost of about $60.00.