Red Oak Board from "Home Depot"

My first bow I ever built. 

The instructions came from “Ferret” on his site.

Ferrets Board Bow page 


The instructions in writing are hosted here



I didn’t really think of taking a lot of pics for a “Build Along”, as it was my first bow and didn’t know if it would even make.


My tools of choice


*Not pictured was the band saw for cutting the shape, sandpaper, and drawknife.*


Here is a picture of it just almost tillered


There was a lot of rasping, and drawknifing in between.


Here is a picture of the set it took


Yup that’s a piece of Osage Orange on the shave horse.


Here are some pictures of the bow complete.








66" nock to nock
45# at 28"
2" of set after a year and 700+ shots.

Brace height 5 1/2"