Home Clearing/Blessing

Home Clearing/Blessing
  • Home Clearings/Blessings are essential for maintaining clear and balanced energy for oneself and one's family members, including people, animals, plants, foods, etc.
  • Home Clearings/Blessings will clear out, move, and shift energies that do not serve the members of the household for their Highest Good and Healing Potential any longer.
  • Home Clearings/Blessings help to remove energies from conflicts, arguments, challenging transitions, illnesses, injuries, etc.
  • Home Clearings/Blessings are instrumental in creating one's own grounded and clear space when moving into a new home or making any major changes in one's life.
  • Home Clearings/Blessings are also very important for those on their own spiritual journey and are doing a lot of personal processing work.  As the person works on their own energy field at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, keeping their home space clear as well is extremely important for maintenance and support.
  • Home Clearings/Blessings create a field of white Reiki Light around one's home, its members, and all who enter.