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Who is this women?

posted Jan 25, 2013, 2:28 PM by Cat Hammes
I am refered too as Cat the One Legged Blonde, almost killed in 2006 on my Fatboy I thought my life was over. What it became was a journey of self discovery of a One Legged Blonde that had been cast aside like an old magazine that not even death had wanted.  Who am I?
I am a left below the Knee Amputee, I do Motivational speaking, Prosthetic consulting, consulting on modifications for motorcycles for amputee's to ride again.  I am an avid Harley Rider, riding my own 30 years. I have been featured in many magazines, articles and am well known in the motorcycle community.  I do appearances to encourage and empower other disabled people to live their dreams. Being handicapped does not mean you are dead and that your life has to be over, it means you just find another way to do it.

I made the decision many years ago I will not be angry the rest of my life and my journey to healing self discovery was getting back on my Harley Davidson Fatboy. It brought ime into the lives of veterans with amputations and brain injuries who wanted to give up and when I pull up on that 700lb Fatboy, it shows them that they too can have a life. I have been exposed to many different cultures from ladies groups, emergency responders, politicians and motorcycle clubs. What I have found is that gender, color, creed or patches may all be different but if you are a biker if you want to ride you will find a way!

My Harley, my Phoenix has been my anti-depressant a narcotic a sounding board; nothing can replace what a Harley does for me. I find comfort, solace and peace on the road with that Fatboy and a good cigar!  It is there I commune with my creator. It is there I clear my mind of clutter. When death throws you back, shut up and ride!