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Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin

posted Jan 9, 2014, 7:21 PM by Cat Hammes   [ updated Jan 9, 2014, 7:23 PM ]
So I want to tell you how cool this group that is doing this is. Please take a moment and ponder after I am done. 

There was a veteran who do to circumstances became homeless and when that happened lost their children. True story, they worked with another and they found them a home, filled it with furniture, beds, tables, tv, couch, chairs, bedding. This veteran is being restored with the children!!!! That is an action!!!! Not lip service. Another veteran, homeless sort of, living out of a vehicle because they could not find a shelter to take them with there best friend; that old dog might not have been much to look at and sure need to see a vet but when we the people turned a blind eye and abandond him, these guys, went out brought him gas, food and found a vet to take care of the dog so his buddy would live a longer life with him. So it is the small acts of random kindness of a father of an active duty soldier who saw the plight in our area and said ok getter done! So do I have a heart for a veteran? Yes, but I know I am not alone. Please take the time to like check out the Face book page to get the word out! If you know of a box truck or van that can be donated, the need it for deliveries. If you don't and could spare a few bucks send them a message. If you are local and want to find out what you can do? Send me a message or the page and we will find something needed. Thanks so much for your time