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Rolling Thunder 2013

posted May 29, 2013, 6:45 PM by Cat Hammes
The way I spent the weekend 7yrs after the crash that almost took my life, took my left leg and left me with TBI and a long journey back from death to self discovery.
Yes the weather was cold, 40 degrees, rain, OMG like the heavens opened up and winds in mountains coming in every direction. The trucker reading a book that almost ran Ruth and I over, 90 + percent of texting drivers at 80 miles an hour and pot holes big enough to swallow a Harley, made it a total must be in total awareness! Both there and back and 2000+ miles there and back.

BUT; this past weekend was the bucket list that I have tried to accomplish year after year but something happened. I swore to myself that I would do it even if it meant I would go alone. I needed to give back to those who had given so much to my country and to me on a personal level. There were so many things to inspire, be grateful for, to ponder, to break your heart, to be so thankful for and so many other things I can not even put into words. To this one legged blonde who wanted to give it up, lay it down, who questioned why in the hell she was saved from death to have to go on; I never forgot how when I was rehabbing it was the veterans who embraced me and did not shun me like a maimed animal. Who encouraged me to go on. Those veterans who rode those Harleys never questioning my passion for the need as strong as a breath to ride or I would die again. This was my giving back as best I knew how, to show honor and respect even when it was not comfortable and for many other reasons. But not one of them enough for the day they signed on the dotted line securing a blonde's freedom to speak, ride and smoke a cigar on or off a Harley!
This was my way to show respect to those who had sacrificed more than we could even imagine in the name of our freedom and liberties.
Would I do it again?

Rolling Thunder 2013