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Personal Freedom Attacked by Maechael Dabbs Pres. of Michigans Brain Injury Association

posted Jul 11, 2012, 12:12 PM by Cat Hammes

For example, Harley-Davidson Inc. said through a spokeswoman that it “supports and encourages safety for all motorcycle riders, but believes in the personal freedom of people making the choices that are right for them regarding helmet use.”

The rider lobby’s powerful friends include U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., whose state is home to Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson. He has led efforts in the House to block NHTSA from promoting state and local safety measures and using federal funds for motorcycle checkpoints.

“Maybe we ought to save some of the costs when police or emergency responders go to the scene of a crash and the person is not wearing a helmet. Perhaps they ought to be left there like roadkill.”

    – Michael Dabbs, president of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, attacking the logic of helmet law critics

The repeal of Michigan’s long-standing helmet law had been opposed by a coalition of more than two dozen medical and public health groups led by the Brain Injury Association of Michigan. Public opinion, too, weighed against the move — a poll indicated that 80 percent wanted to keep the helmet law. State safety officials predicted the repeal would lead to at least 30 more deaths a year.


I was able to after weeks of trying to reach a live person was able to speak with the public relations department of Michigans Brain Injury Association,

Tom Constand regarding Mr Dabbs unexceptable statement. I shared with him the grave concerns and ramifications to those people and families dealing with TBI that were seeking help. That the statements made regarding bikers as ROAD KILL, is in no way accebtable. I again requested that a public apology and statement  be made and this needed to be addressed, ASAP. I am unsure if my words were truely listened to in the severity of what has been said but I am waiting a little while longer to allow this to be addressed, then I will be making a visit to Michigan. This has been forwarded to many of our Freedom Fighters all over this great country!